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Something to show that I can sing.
Tags: killing me softly

Beautiful Christian music. Chords unnecessary.
Tags: Christian A Capella

) (Bridge) (Chorus) Verse 3: Well I hate it when you call my name and I hate it when you swear but i love it when you dance around in purple underwear then you kiss my cheek and softly
Tags: Matt Sevrens Original Song Acoustic Maybe Wh

Jean B. Gerbier playing the electronic keyboard on
Tags: r&b soul rock gospel

Me covering Killing Me Softly
Tags: killing me softly fugees lauren hill karaoke instrumental

I imagine a couple; holding hands, speaking softly the words “Let’s Sit a While” as they tread carefully along a path toward the becoming gazebo. It’s the perfect place to rest and reflect
Tags: Pastel painting Giclee print fine art modern

, but slip out of range. My only gift, this photograph glowing softly in your warm and wondrous hands. Voglio dirti che penso che ti ho sognato in una vita. -Cher
Tags: ferroggiaro - du bois galleries photography cher

A couple of graceful swans glide gently along as one imagines the music of Saint-Saens playing softly in the distance
Tags: Weije swans Lago di garda Saint-Saens

We walked along a dry dry mountain trail. The wind blew softly through the yellow grass. Then, my ears caught the sound of trickling water. We followed the sound and found this beautiful hidden
Tags: Pastel painting art Tracie Hunsaker landscape

The early evening sunset creates a soft place for
Tags: sky moon clouds sunset peaceful nature

All 8-year-old Kelly wanted was a kitten of her ow
. The cat stretched lazily, and began washing her face with a forepaw. Kelly giggled. She reached out her hand. "Here kitty, kitty," she said softly. A KITTEN FOR KELLY 2 The cat raised her head and looked
Tags: short fictionkittenchildrenbirthday

this is a story i started dont know if its good wa
then softly placed the picture face down as if not to remember a hurt that the very house he lived in represented. Conner had never known his father he had left when conner was only three the only
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
it was but after the cd finished for the 5th time. I looked at the time and It was 4:00am I could hear Gregory softly snoring if I concentrated hard enough. I finally felt fit to sleep as the sun
Tags: story twilightish stuff

Killing Me Softly in the version of Alicia Keys
Tags: singing music girl alicia keys long song wor

It is a memoir I wrote for a class.
Snowfall By: Sharese Johnson It falls swiftly, softly, and soundlessly. The only thing visible in the immense, and unfathomable darkness is its pure sweet color. The sky above is blank
Tags: Snow

This is a poem I wrote for a Picture Writing Pr
, Tulips confusion was very clear. She knew she just couldnt keep still; The Salmon fleeing was her greatest fear! So, Mama softly whispered to her, Sweetie, please dont you fret, Just lean right here
Tags: Poetry Poem Bear Cub Fishing

I hope you like it. :)
Pain She sits there, Just sits there With a razor in her hand Thinking, Just thinking. Is her life worth living for? She slowly lowers her hand, The cold steel softly touches her wrist. She starts
Tags: Pain Poem April Plourde Emo Sad Depressed

Book of poems I wrote back in december
And hooks you from space. The slow asphyxiation Of held breath And the sea floor, Peaceful, Falling softly down Until you hit. Listen; Her silent laugh You feel from your tongue. She is yours and the world
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

A view from a step back
in my eyeIt's because of you I brightly glowBecause I have you by my side.Like a child I safely fall backAnd land softly into a familiar spaceEverything is right on trackWith the thought of your beautiful
Tags: Snow Angel

I like this shot, Am I the only one? Does it cast
Tags: weeds