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An elf giving a comforting reassurance to a confus
Tags: elf solitary gentle hug

World's Best Architect
Tags: Spider

Rare to see in a residential area... these Solitary Bees hatch every May in my front garden to pollinate my native azaleas, and rhododendrons. PUBLIC USE of artworks is as follows: (Please give
Tags: bee bees nature grass green ant rare solitary photo photography

In these tough economic times, even herons are losing their positions! A solitary heron is the skeleton crew for this tree...Weije
Tags: Weije art heron

A lonely walker reflecting on all his panes...
Tags: Weije panes of walking Indianapolis solitary

A solitary gray wolf howls at the moon. Photoshop painting by wildlife artist, Chris Dobrowolski
Tags: gray wolf moon photoshop illustration

Just as we all must leave, we must all, at one tim
silent, you were gone. Each second seemed a century As the hours drifted on Time measured only misery Nothing mattered, you were gone. Cast away once more and lonely My solitary ache grows strong
Tags: Poem-Gone

Armband tattoos are arguably the most used and pop
of tattooing. Many styles use a solitary theme and there are other also other types which mix the color, themes and shades together to have a different look. The catch lies in the unique blend
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

Sunrise on one side of the island at Tortugero Nat
Tags: sunrise beachcosta rica landscape water waves log blue yellow calm solitary

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
matters and sometimes entertained his high-ranking officers and officials. Jessdana now sat behind her masters desk, staring from the bleak stonewalled room, and out the solitary arched window
Tags: Short Story

Sunset on one side of the island at Tortuguero Nat
Tags: sunset beach costa rica landscape water waves palm tree purple red violet calm solitary

Only 120 whales in the world are capable of this learned behavior for finding food. (All humpback whales from Alaska.) A group of us were fortunate to find 10 of these normally solitary hunters near
Tags: Whale Humpback ocean sea Alaska feeding June

One of my dark poems, an older worker.
for many suicides Inside my solitary frame The eternally damned call me kinTheir screams contort and beckon Their unholy master gives me questionsTo doubt any righteous knowledge And it also sends me
Tags: poetry

to take the continuous lines of medications at Ramapo Ridge facility I knew that I was extemely allergic to they told me I needed an ”Attitude adjustment.” This is when they took me into a solitary
Tags: Sveti Stefan Montnegro ratko mladic goran hadzic

A man travels through time and space searching for
the shadows company for protection, kept running once it was sure the coyote was heading in the opposite direction. To these animals and, possibly, to the desert itself, this solitary presence did
Tags: Science Fiction

This is a poem of how a lady feels.
myself. I want everyone to understand in my life that I am complicated, that I am complex, and that I would as soon live my life in solitary confinement than change that. I want it to be understood
Tags: Want

Love is the easiest thing to write about, but the
ecstasy, Surely, you had to have guessed. I think of you often, How your soft dewy face loomed. Your being overly precipitous my dear, For without you, I would be bereft. A solitary tear could
Tags: Poetry

A picture of a solitary lily...so peaceful
Tags: flower Zantedeschia aethiopica Calla Lily

please comment!!!!! www.myspace.com/solitarymov
Tags: solitary movement music graceful like rain emo acoustic lyric secondhand serenade dashboard confessional

please comment!!!!! www.myspace.com/solitarymov
Tags: solitary movement music no one else emo acoustic lyric secondhand serenade dashboard confessional