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Short story of life at home~
! So away I flew like a flash to find my shoes in this big mess. With paper and ribbons all over the house from gifts that were open this morning to celebrate..this christmas bash. For you see
Tags: By sheryl Staley

About everything that could go wrong in a house fu
...she whines....but helpsfinally the kitchen looks like one. She eats her grapes.....but I walk down the hall and notice a towel duck into the bathroom.....do I even want to know???????? Nope I don't
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Short story of one of my days
things like the flies & pole come from the heart & hard work..people just don't take pride in it anymore..he asked if I wanted to buy one of his flies..at the time I had no money,but told him I would
Tags: S.Staley

This is my first video that I made just for YouTube in a long time. I hope you like it. It's weird singing for a camera instead of in front of live people. I gotta do more of this. It's good practice
Tags: Rascal Flats Why Tina Rose Cover

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
our blood and our cultures, while still harboring individual cultural communities. But, there are some ways of communicating an idea that remain rather constant. For example: If one is rude enough
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

or some nobody in a no name cafe performing their first original song, when the magic touches you, there is no denying it. It's a beautiful thing
Tags: songwriter song jazz pop original acoustic i

My little Pony work as authro =] Oooooooooo xD This has taken FOREVER!!! Iv been working on bodies for some time and decided to colour one ... i always seem to get the same shape body xD
Tags: Digital artwork MLP

While I trying to find something to draw while on my San Jose State University campus I saw these two squirrels that were fighting over some nuts...one of them didn't want to share...I hope you like
Tags: Painting squirrels sharing forest

Who really understands the meaning of life? No one. Who can emphathize when your underpants rides up? Your true friends.They are the only ones that will tell you like it is. If you ask them
Tags: Comic Strip

a word's meaning by its sound, like a blind man touching the edge of a coin. But some of the words you might use, the big ones - love, happiness, sorrow - these can remain abstract for years, even if you
Tags: ferroggiaro - du bois galleries photography cher

This is some flowers I got for my birthday and I took a picture of them. I hope you like them. I haven't entered a contest in a while so I thought I would enter this one
Tags: Flowers

maybe I don't care too much for, but others would get all wet about. Jus like a song. I'm not saying yr a sucker, even if you are. Simply an example of "One's Trash, Anothers Treasure". How fitting
Tags: lake tree distance north bored perception

to this comic! I'll have to upload some pictures of it and explain more there! I hope you all like this song! I do, but that's only because it's my song! Also the only thing recorded in this song
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing sports video games f-

a band of Bens. :P I hope you like this song! I wrote it right on the spot! I didn't write it out on paper and have time to think it out professionally! In fact, I wrote it ALL one morning and played
Tags: christmas we three kings trumpet guitar trom

I got nothin on this one. I could make up some pleasant sounding description. Does it matter? I jus like something about this picture. You can tell that it's winter without any indication of any snow
Tags: trees branches wires flock birds blur winter

for Speed video game sountrack some day... along side with Rom di Priso's Road Warrior, Liquid Plasma, and all his other songs. :) This song is actually one of the first melodies I wrote. Very
Tags: Rocket-X Rockets racing sports nascar video

stinky songs, you can tell most of the vocals are pretty low. I do have a low voice, but I don't think I have to sing like that... plus I was able to sing with more feeling in the higher register. I'm
Tags: Chris Tomlin Enough God Jesus Christ Christi

Too many great songs to cover by this, one of rock's finest bands ever. I just had to lay down a medley of some of their hits and even a few sleepers. So many I left out (like LA Woman, Roadhouse
Tags: Jim Morrison Doors classic rock impersonator

a REAL MAN and a COWBOY, so he handles racing like a REAL MAN!! Also, you may shame this as much as you want. I really don't expect this one to get fame because of the hand farts and raspberries I do
Tags: rocket-x rocket racing comic nascar video ga

as are: Ben Mullins: This is my regular voice... because it's me. :P Doov Groove - The silly one who is somewhat knowledgeable about things, but still considered "dumb." You may find his picture in some
Tags: funny chiildish silly voice acting Doov Dube