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Copy of paper for college speech and communication
or funny books passed back and forth in a book, sometimes without the book. The teacher persisted in her efforts to be patient and to calm the class. Sadly, minor misbehavior was not the worst problem. My
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Sometimes you just have to let go
Tags: falling body shot

The girl of your dreams is sometimes right before your eyes
Tags: Girl Of My Dreams Benny S R&B Soul

this is a sketch i did to speak on the dark side that we all have, and how we can hide it most of the time. But sometimes it comes out
Tags: dark skull sketch art

Please, tell me ALL you think about it.
Tags: Sometimes

Pat Hill's FuManchu calls the Dorktown Pocast from .... a strip club? [Sorry, sometimes FuManchu is hard to hear, it's tough making a call from a strip club
Tags: fresno fresno state pat hill podcast fumanchu

to it because I never know how it's going to turn out (and I sometimes don't like where it ends up). But, I snagged this puppy in one take so I guess I can't really complain, eh? It's a solo played
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

My work is a fusion of multimedia imagery (principally created through digital manipulation), my own poetry and sometimes film
Tags: Fine art artist photography digital art writer

Sometimes you gotta lay the smack down
Tags: pimp slap hit playa smackdown funny

48"x60" mixed media on canvas.
Tags: cigar martini painting

This is just a silly reality in which blocks of wood fight like dragons. Sometimes paintings just come out and not even I know why. Available as a Limited Edition Gliclee Print
Tags: Digital Painting Limited Edition Giclee Print

I have a camera and you have a beautiful smile just waiting to be photographed. Sometimes your "smile" may just be in your eyes, and that's ok too! A beautiful portrait will bring a smile
Tags: photos pictures portraits

Sometimes I wish I could just fall into the sky
Tags: best awesome artwork painting digital dream

Even in relationships, sometimes you feel alone
Tags: Your World anger break up Adam Chester

sometimes is not cheeper to keep her
Tags: pow

this is what happens when i play around with distortions, sometimes good, sometimes
Tags: distortion bass huh stuff

Doing the Suite and Tie thing, Sometimes you have to dress to impress model for success
Tags: Universal Records Studio Model

I think I wrote this piece about the same time I wrote Elements of Wishful Thinking (1981/1982 or so). I wasn't really too crazy about the piece...(which happens sometimes)...but I did like the name
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

sometimes i think they breath or move
Tags: the guardians

I wrote this a long time ago (probably in the mid/late 80's) and all I can remember about writing is how sometimes my fingers would catch on fire as I played it. (Just kidding.) It's a "fast" piece
Tags: guitarsoloinstrumentalnewageoriginalTharp