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(Cinematographer/DP, Sound Mixer) Art Department Angela Markman (Makeup Artist, Makeup Effects, Body Makeup, Hairstylist, Costumer), Cody Leach (Set Director) Specialized EDGAR METRO (Stunt
Tags: Parallel Cut Edgar Metro-Marcel Films Gotti Ma

Sadaam (theme), The Lazy Bastard Bar and Grill (911 hold music). Glass breaking and door knocking sound effects courtesy of: The Internet
Tags: short spoof sketch original writer ms paint

. Door knocking and gunshot sound effects courtesy of: The Internet
Tags: short spoof sketch original writer ms paint

samples of Colossus the forbin project and odd sound effects make up this creepy weird "thing
Tags: odd

This is the 'C' version of my song, Proof! The other is in A, but think it's too low and my voice don't sound too great that low, so I tried raising it up a bit. :) I've changed the lyrics since
Tags: proof of God Jesus Christ Christian contempo

Rocket type sound effects, this song I believe shows the excitement of the Rocket-X story! Speed! Rockets! I love the sound effects, like the ones at 2:12, 3:22, and ESPECIALLY the one at 4:00
Tags: rocket racing comic cartoon music video game

Refences from Directors that I have worked with
, 03/14/09 Ashley was a tremendous help behind the scenes in the making of The Mountain Spring. Ashley helped with lights, camera and sound when it was necessary and was always there to lend a hand
Tags: Refeances StarTrek Ashley Kalfas

A man travels through time and space searching for
that kept the permanent shield around him. He couldnt hear it himself, not without activating the sensitive hearing ports in his brain, but the sound was just audible enough for animals. He knew
Tags: Science Fiction

A style of instrumental, smooth jazz, with meaningful sound effects
Tags: Celebration song for my 1 year sobriety mar

I wrote this when I was dealing with cancer, MRSA and side effects to medications and was losing hope
choke me as I gasp for breath, barely treading water. A sound reaches my ears; its a rumbling thunder! I glance behind me, I see nothing but the sound persists. Moments seem like hours; minutes like
Tags: During a difficult time in my life.

of form and sound effects, and finished with counterpoint based engineering quality. The resulting sound is Drunk the Alien
Tags: synthesistjam

” which is equivalent to “The Pet Rock” of the 1980's. Nonetheless, the ability to yield the power of sound logic from my newly acquired cobblestone, I can now finally uncover the truth to the coffee
Tags: Dan Sutorius

://www.taltopia.com/view/175797/Pushing-Through-Life-s-Journey-Ben-Mullins-Austin-Batterton- Sorry we look so lame and boring and constipated (jk), but hopefully the effects made up for that. :P We
Tags: guitar rock instrument collaboration soundtrac

had to slide in front of the car we just passed so they had to hit their brakes pretty hard. We had to do a few process shots and a lot of editing to make this right including color correction and sound
Tags: Las Vegas Video Production Blare Films Own A Car

. I'm pretty happy with the sound of this. Tried something totally new. Using the robotic auto-tune effects on most of the vocals! Sound like a boy band. :P I like that sound, really matches the whole
Tags: "the back street boys" "boy band" pop auto-

sing, because I believe I can sing. I just love the sound of the T-Pain effect... especially for my cartoon voices. This song sounds as if it's written for girlfriend in the boy's perspective without
Tags: cartoon band "boy band" T-Pain auto-tune G-S

My resume
Clap Productions Jamey Hastings Star Trek: The Romulan Wars (series) Ensign Chambers Millennium Effects LLC Lee Gartrell Great Gain Bus Rider Perception Films Jeff Paterson Markd Extra ASP Films Kim
Tags: Resume Ashley M. Kalfas

the mouse sound. :P So yes, the "women" singing is actually me... no effects besides a high frequency exciter and reverb... and some chorus. ;) NOTE: At the end when I'm voice acting as one
Tags: goofy silly stupid dumb funny cartoon song

that's what the song needed. When the storm passed I went in and put train, and thunder effects in it. Made a BIG diff. Thanks for listening my friends
Tags: Ballads music songs storms thunder thunder storms trains sound effects slow rock sad breakups relationships

and effects, this song doesn't (well to me) sound "Too busy" or crammed together. Everything flows well with everything else. The person Talking in the song it Terence McKenna (a philosopher, psychonaut
Tags: William Fuller Laidback Manner E.D.M. EDM Elec