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"I once was lost" SPERM DESIGNS by BETHANN SHANNON 1993 -2008 I have a series of sperm paintings & products, celebrating how we all started! We all looked alike! Pretty funny! Most of my sperm work
Tags: Sperm WallpaperSperm Art Sperm Painting Sperm Design Smiley Sperm Smiley Face Sperm Designer SpermBethann Shannon

"The Girls Are Coming!" SAFE SEX LADIES! Smiling sperm for girls empowerment! PROTECT YOURSELF! All of Bethann Shannon's work is protected by copyright and/or trademark law AND is available
Tags: sperm art sperm design smiley sperm sperm paintings sperm artist Bethann Shannon Bethann Shannon safe sex art sex new painting safe sex funny empowerment

My anime sperm character Mi'Nu Mi'Now, on her way to earth! How we all started ...so innocent! For more info about American Woman Artist Bethann Shannon please visit: www.bethannshannon.com
Tags: sperm art sperm design sperm image sperm painting smiley spermsperm smiley safe sex Bethann Shannon

there is a will, there is a way! Please visit me! I say..."GOOGLE ME...BETHANN SHANNON" also The Art Angel, The Sperm Lady! STOMP FOR PEACE 11/11/2011 @ 11AM & 11PM End of Mayan Calender 2012... Bethann
Tags: SPERM ART Sperm Designer Bethann Shannon Smiley Sperm Sperm Smiling Sperm Painting Sperm designs sperm wallpaper sperm products

KONICHIWA! He's getting ready to make a break through (and he knows it!) Smiley Sperm! www.mypetsperm.com for SPERM DESIGNS www.thesillyspermshop.etsy.com All of Bethan Shannon's work
Tags: Sperm designs Sperm Wallpaper Sperm Fabric Sperm Dresses Smiley SpermSperm Designer Bethann Shannon Sperm SmileyFunny Sperm Sperm Sex

SO CUTE! My "Mi`nu & Mi`now" (R) smiley sperm characters! Absolutely LOVABLE! My work is to remind people to LOVE! Hope you like! To buy original sperm paintings & sperm designs please visit artist
Tags: sperm artsperm designsmiley spermsmiley sexcute spermsmiley face spermhumorfunnysperm smiley

Sperm Art by Bethann Shannon AIDS SPERM...Protect Yourself! SMILEY SPERM WITH A MESSAGE! American Female Artist Bethann Shannon wants to leave a message of LOVE & Conciousness in all sexual
Tags: sperm artAIDS smiley face spermsmiley sperm cool skullssperm skullscareysexsafe sex condomsprevention

SPERM COUNTING! More Sperm Art by Bethann Shannon
Tags: smiley spermsperm art sperm designer Bethann Shannon sperm art sperm smiley sperm art sperm images

Cute Yin Yang geek sperm! See more geek sperm and sperm art/ sperm designs by Bethann Shannon at www.cafepress.com.sillyspermshop www.thesillyspermshop.etsy.com www.thedb.com/bethannshannon
Tags: smiley yin yang smiley sperm smiley yin yang sperm safe sex cartoonssperm artBethann Shannon yin yang smiley yin yang smiley yin yang sperm image

Artist Bethann Shannon says..."GOOGLE ME!...BETHANN SHANNON or The Art Angel Or The Sperm Lady!" Bethann Shannon is a multi media artist, workshop leader and peace worker. Intuitive /outsider artist
Tags: sperm artspermartsmiley sperm sperm imagesperm cartoonspermartsafe sex cartoons Xmas cartoons smiley sperm santaholiday

GEEKS ARE IN! This one has vertigo! Geek sperm cartoon by Bethann Shannon! Visit or "GOOGLE" American Artist Bethann Shannon, The Art Angel ot The Sperm Lady
Tags: sperm cartoon smiley spermsmiley face yin yang sperm with smiley face funny sperm vertigo falling sperm comics Bethann Shannon

/bethannshannon, www.thesillyspermshop.etsy.com or GOOGLE ME : Bethann Shannon , The Art Angel, The Sperm Lady...Enjoy...FEED BACK WELCOME! PEACE
Tags: smiley spermsmiley sperm stress balls smiling sperm smiley face sperm

Adorable PRINCE SPERM! This image is available on clothing & other products at :www.cafepress.com/sillyspermshop www.thesillyspermshop.etsy.com or "GOOGLE ME"! Bethann Shannon/The Art Angel
Tags: smiley spermcute sperm sperm smiling smiley face sperm sexysexsafe sexprincegeeknerdfunnyhumorsillyhivAIDShealthsciencecreationconceptiondatingboys

Future bunny...like real bunny or playboy? You decide! More Sperm Art, sperm designs and Sperm characters by artist Bethann Shannon.www.mypetsperm.com, www.bethannshannon.com, www.thedb.com
Tags: safe sex smiley face sperm sperm smiley sperm smiling

LOL! Laugh out loud! Swami Spermanandi ,thought "LOL" meant Lot's of Love! Now he is laughing out loud! Swami Spermanandi believes in LAUGHING! He's having a gut buster in this one! Another Sperm
Tags: sperm cartoonsperm artlaughing yoga laughing buddhasmiley sperm sperm smiley smiling sperm

of THANKSGIVING....because things are getting out of hand! Artist/ designer Bethann Shannon and her "SPERM ART" since 1993 and still coming! Please visit me at: www.mypetsperm.com, www.BethannShannon.com
Tags: sperm artsperm designsperm cartoonsxmas spermcute spermsmiley sperm sperm smiling yin yang smiling

...see more... www.mypetsperm.com www.cafepress.com/sillyspermshop www.TheSillySpermShop.ETSY.com www.bethannshannon.com or Google me! Google Bethann Shannon, The Art Angel and/or The Sperm Lady! Hope
Tags: smiley spermsperm smiling sperm designers sperm art sperm designsgeishajapansafe sex designslollaughfunfunnyhumorsexcutesiily spermbirthgirl

Isn't he cute & adorable!? A big load of these squeezable sperm just landed at my door & they need homes! (They used to live with a couple of nuts!). My Pet Sperm ~ The Safe Sex Mascot, wants to live
Tags: sperm sculpturesperm artspermartpetcutesweetlovablesqueezablesperm stress ballsafe sexboygirlcouplesHivAIDScurecondomsprotectionwww.mypetsperm.comwww.cafepress.com/sillyspermshop

Bethann Shannon painting her smiley sperm characters for safe sex awareness! Bethann Shannon designs sperm fabric, wallpaper and products since 1993! Visit me! Or "GOOGLE ME"! www.Bethann
Tags: spermsperm designBethann Shannonsperm art smiley yin yang smiley face sperm American woman artistoutsider art latino art puerto rican women artistssperm artsafe sex productssmiley sperm

Artist Bethann Shannon next to her large smiley sperm painting titled: KONICHIWA...HELLO! For more about one of a kind American Woman Artist Bethann Shannon please visit www.bethannshannon.com
Tags: smiley spermsafe sex educationsperm artsafe sex products sperm art sperm products sperm designs Bethann Shannon visionary artistoutsider artsex edsexsexyfunnylatino artistwomen artists