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I was stopped at a gas station when I spotted thi
Tags: spider black widdow

A female black widow I had an adventure with this
Tags: spider black widow

7-2-09 fairy
Tags: spider on fairy

Huge spider on my mirror. It jumped on my lap just after this shot, I couldn't find it! That means it's still in my house! (9-25-09
Tags: huge spider mirror

Yeah I know I'm far away but I didn't want to get
Tags: S.Staley

Spider spinning a bug up
Tags: S.Staley

Spider still spinning a bug up..not sure which pic. looked better..actually I don't think either do but I did get a bit closer
Tags: S.staley

This is quite a tiny spider, so I guess you could call this a macro
Tags: spider

a spider and web
Tags: spider nature bug

-PENCIL- I met some guy at a party who had just been released from prison. He was apparently a tattoo artist in there and wanted to see something with a skull and a hand in it. I added the spider
Tags: drawing pencil

Spider-man, pencil
Tags: Spiderman swinging

Spider-man, pencil
Tags: Spiderman swinging

spider. found it at my grandmother's mausoleum
Tags: decayedmatter spider spiders spidey arachnid arachnids insect insects critters critter

My dad took these pictures of the garden in our ba
Tags: pictures flowers spider awesome

A kids' song about character development from my album. This is the story of the Eensy Weensy Spider and the trait of perserverance
Tags: kids character cbkeyz stardust sami original

Magic with a spider to a girl who HATES spiders!! Filmed in L.A
Tags: Spider scared magic sacha

spider like alien
Tags: big pointy

sub section taken from large mural mass media oils
Tags: alien art spider web maverik monroe

World's Best Architect
Tags: Spider

my little friend.
Tags: spider web b&w nature animals hc