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one of my poems about the spirit.
Ascend Ascend my friend,you have a world to mend Ascend my friend this is not the end,spirits will rise and spirits will fall but in the end you will gather us all,take us to the chosen land lead
Tags: poet poetry art artist media

Idea from a camping trip video(thanks rob & beau).
Tags: illustration cartoon frogs dancing spirits

This is an original. It is drawn on paper and sketched out with thin point black and red ball point pens. I drew this on one of my various depression days. Hence the name "Withered Spirits
Tags: Tortured

Tags: lips

Do you serve spirits
Tags: alcoholghosthaunteddrinkinghauningsghost hunt

experience encounters with spirits [good and evil/angels and demons]. The title “Jump Roping” is a play on a small blurry figure in the lower right. However, jump roping also refers to “jumping” through
Tags: jump roping perspective dimensions spiritual p

Tags: orbs

A suspensual film dealing with the charecter getti
Tags: abstract surreal horror suspense film noir b

Large acrylic painting 37" by 49". White glittery
Tags: Planet that was formed from where the Rainbow Spirits came from

37" by 49" acrylic painting. If you look closely a
Tags: Colorful and vibrant.

I developed this idea for an art competition to draw a picture enspired from the movie 10,000 Years BC. This is a woman praying to the great spirits of her time to bring her man victory in the hunt
Tags: Combination graphics and line drawing contest ent

An old light found at 'Spirits of Iron' in Elbe,Washington
Tags: Oldcreative editlayered imaging

stories, that theres spirits live in a place and protecting it from harm. Here's the result of my imaginations
Tags: drawing

spirits. 10-6-02 Sarah Burk I am proud to be a member of Many Nations Tribe. - Elf
Tags: art poetry Native American mental illness Sara

Chalk on paper
Tags: contemporary abstract art surrealism painting

Some old hand tools on the side of the shop at 'Spirits of Iron
Tags: Antiques hand toolsrustic

The side of the barn at 'Spirits of Iron
Tags: RusticHomesCreative edit

An Unforgettable face at the 'spirits of Iron
Tags: ArtIron worksPhotography

This was John in the john haha! Entitled Laughing man. 'Spirits of Iron' Bath house
Tags: OuthousesToiletsfunny

The emotional faces represent the good and bad spirits that the shaman encounters when in trance
Tags: Northwest Coast wood carving face mask wall h