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When life hands you lemons, squeeze
Tags: lemons squeeze hands nature me 2

Waiting to be squeezed into fresh orange juice!
Tags: oranges squeez juice

Tags: Trolly

Meet my Boots. He weighed in at 15 pounds, and in spite of his rotund size, he loved to squeeze into tight places to take his naps. He also loved to eat the beans out of a bowl of chili...nothing
Tags: cat cute basket boots

. Our travellers from the inside, and Tro'il from the outside, tap and loosen the bars on the dungeon window, until there is just enough room to squeeze through. Escape at last! Scurrying away
Tags: soundtrack game music fantasy quest electronic



Since the outbreak was first detected, an increasi
then squeeze each other throughout your fingers. Do it for five to six times a day. Secondly, you must cover your nose with a tissue paper before you deliver a cough and sneeze especially if you
Tags: and swine flu h5n1 of swine flu swine flu swin

good song
Tags: atreyu

Shadow, a cute little California kingsnake, enters
. After many attempts, she bit hard into the thumb of the hand of god. She soon felt the hand squeeze the sides of her mouth, forcing her to let go. When she readied herself for another strike, she felt
Tags: shadow king snake hand egg cute hands

I worry too much, I admit it. So I wrote a poem de
In the depths of your stomach I cannot breathe Air cannot squeeze through This constricted maze of thread That is inside of me I want to sink into The sweet oblivion of sleep But my mind is too busy And my
Tags: dread worry

my poem "the restless night" =)
of that Is something pushed down from above Making my hair blow like the wildcat The wind that produces love Still Im not the only shivering soul For so many squeeze on this never ending path Taking us anywhere we
Tags: the restless night contest poem cold city

squeeze She knows I'm sprung Beauty and brains Struts her stuff like Shania Twain She Da Bomb! Primal scream Ain't no question, I'm blown away A product of the atomic age She
Tags: Jim Colyer phoenix country music Nashville

Truth be Told - late06
realize that I'm the one who needs you. I need you to hug you and I need you to squeeze you, I need you to kiss you and I need you to please you, Women are Angels they do things like feed you, heal
Tags: 1