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Short Story on life in my home with children~
We start this story with bloody skates....for you who are blah on blood DON"T READ!!!!! I hear in the back of my apartment a rumble then a rail road of a train sound it gets louder and louder
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

About everything that could go wrong in a house fu
... I walked into my kitchen and find clothes and dishes all around...well I figure start on my clothes to get washed ya know...ya wear them every day....dishes I have plenty....I forgot one thing...Chris
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A poem I wrote about how I think about things
As I ponder as I sit and ponder my mind starts to wander I day dream of the past and look toward the future from a glass today is the day I start living
Tags: by sheryl Staley

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
& bugs be gone..mom loves thoses shiny teeth~ By now my tiny ones you start to yawn & rub those tiny eyes...for my work is down & the cloud is your bed,with a soft pillow under your head & my story
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Well it is the season to start the cold weather yet this was takin awhile ago during an ice storm here in Ohio
Tags: S.Staley

A poem
it came to being~ Just time to start out it was an ugly worm,munching on a leaf.. you would never stop to even think of looking at it...Yuck... Next it rolls it's self into a silk coon, who really
Tags: S.Staley

The start of life of the daffodils
Tags: S.Staley

Sun Setting at Lake Almanor, CA as we wait for the fireworks to start
Tags: sunset 4 july 2013 landscape

Me running a less than average 200 but making up for a slow start with a fast finish..Time-22.09
Tags: track-200m

Here`s an example of my photo work in gymnastics. The watermark is my own as those photos are also published on my website. I think I`ve been getting better over the past year, and I start to find
Tags: photos gymnastics photographer

From the first full-length feature from the Swingi
Tags: comedy crazy loony wacko nutts bonkers improv feature swinging johnson brothers six foot kick start dildo scene

This isn't your parrents clown show. In fact we're not sure who's clown show it is, but if you're on perscribed medication, it's a good start
Tags: funny comedy bolimo the clo

and no sorrow in my eyes. For tomorrow's memories fill my heart. For tomorrow's memories only start. There's new song for each morning. And my life is just beginning everyday
Tags: illustration art drawing painting song he lo

Tags: wedding

One of our first songs, which was supposed to be heavy, coz thats what we wanted to be, but we realised we were gonna be indie!! so the start is heavy and then it goes all indie and loverly
Tags: Ease Off Alternative London Rock Indie Islin

Is a song that I wrote. It talks about what happens after you broke up with someone and, you want to start another relationship
Tags: Julio Armando JAMA34 PRODUCTION 2007

The South Vineland Tavern, formerly The Dump is a
Tags: painting bar series

Gap Sequence on Mountain bike.
Tags: Moutainbiking Sequence

My son and his friends waiting for fireworks to start
Tags: Waiting Kids