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Picture from the side of my family's in PA. Great looking snow storm
Tags: snow

This Black Headed Grosbeak waits out a storm. (In my yard
Tags: Black Headed Grosbeak

Not sure if you can see..there is a groundhog under the barn peeking out..I will crop this picture soon to show it better..the darkness is from a storm we were having..I will continue to try & get
Tags: S.Staley

Photo of a storm rolling
Tags: storm dark clouds

A poem on Anxiety
142879.txtCalm waters till the stormI feel calm..I know what's going on..The storm is coming soon~It starts so slow,I hardly feel it..but the rush is here so soon...Up & down my emotions go~Where I
Tags: S.Staley

A lighten storm in Nebraska, this lasted over an hour and was awesome
Tags: clouds lighten strom Nebraska

10-14-09 8585
Tags: shining through the storm

last years snow storm..12/08
Tags: S.Staley

The sun shines bright, pushing away the pending storm. ;o
Tags: storm light

A weird orange glow after a violent storm
Tags: stormorange

These Dark eyed Juncos are dripping dry after the snow storm
Tags: juncos dripping dry snow storm

Tags: a light in the storm

Well it is the season to start the cold weather yet this was takin awhile ago during an ice storm here in Ohio
Tags: S.Staley

showing the ice hanging from the wires, another older picture from the ice storm of last year
Tags: S.Staley

This Robin sits on a branch, weathering the storm
Tags: weathering robin photography nature snow

It Must be Love... This young male Gold Crowned Sparrow brought his girl a sunflower seed in the middle of a storm... SCORE!!! Taken 1.20.10
Tags: gold crown sparrow love must

Dark eyed Junco's waiting out the storm
Tags: dark eyed junco storm nature

This female cowbird is coming in for a free meal during a Spring snow storm today. It's not a perfect shot, but there's something about this shot that makes me want to... watch
Tags: meal time female cowbird nature

This Steller's Jay is not happy with our Spring Storm. It snowed for an hour today... Plumas County, California
Tags: steller's Jay

Spring storm headed
Tags: spring storm 1 landscape