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Bitter Pill written by Darren Geffre Well I heard the news You're starting to use again And that bitter pill is on your mind my friend And I know what it's like when it goes down easy Can't
Tags: Darren Geffre

I wrote this after my great grandmother passed awa
awake, coughing, and still clenching her chest. Sweat blanketed her back and drenched her hair. Her clothes stuck to her like glue. Soon she had gotten up and peeled the clothes off to change
Tags: gohstthrills scary interesting what happened

"Behold. The unfathomable deep. Mysterious and for
, clawing through a tangle of tendrils and seaweed, and finally he found it. He jabbed the stick into the thing, over and over, feeling every blow as it reverberated into his own dying flesh. his mind
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and t
and alive in my mind. His words were tinged with a quaking lilt, spoken as if trying to mask the horror with a terseness that, to the sensibilities of many around him, may have seemed beyond the means
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
: If You Are Stuck On You Ex, You Need To Take Care Of This, Right Now. Otherwise You Won't Be Able To Move On With Your Life. Get Your Ex Back Now. 8 Ways to Fix Your Broken Relationship How to Fix
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

What is a tattoo? A tattoo is a design on the s
but many of us feel stuck at times on the exact tattoo we want to get. For me I often feel stuck when I think of how permanent a tattoo is. I see a lot of cool designs that I like at the time
Tags: Arm Band Tattoos Belly Button Tattoos Butterfly

about the good and bad times in a young womans lif
but when her room mate walked through the door with me her eyes light up with excitement, we talked a little and she asked her room mate if she didnt mind staying at the hospital with her so I
Tags: this book is a work in progress

This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on m
a thing together. Bonnie and Alex were brother and sister. Since Bonnie changed her mind a lot we were in a little tiff. So I wouldnt be surprised if she told Alex to tell me about James and her little
Tags: I love you hate you

Just a poem I wrote one day...
beds left for graves I think I'll forget where I am for a while Why not trap myself in the frame of mind that history is changed & nothing repeats the same How about the illusion that all
Tags: poetry poet book lyrics truth

This is my Autobiography, full of violence, no pro
Tags: non fiction autobio

In a small New England village during the 19th cen
. Ultimate horror remained stuck on his face, and though Michal felt as though she might be prying, she knew questions were necessary. Why was that thing chasing you? Suddenly Michal found herself
Tags: Short Story

A dark fantasy story, set in a bleak semi-futuisti
flared near their pinnacle, the fire filled her mind with vivid color. Mainly reds, yellows, and oranges screamed out to her, but also blues and purples gave such violent assault that they would have
Tags: Short Story

The summer my parents divorced, my dad sent my bro
, still not sure what was going on. We ran across the back yard, crouched low. The grass irritated my legs but I ignored it, trying to keep up with Jake. When we got to the back of the house Jake stuck
Tags: divorce runaway brothers teenagers fort small

Book of poems I wrote back in december
mind Feeding my mind wine and bread Poison's flowing Poison's flowing through my vent I've been evicted I don't have the love to pay the rent Now there's a woman There's a woman in my door She once
Tags: Poems Depression Heartbreak Heart Break

((Taken from the book 'cause I cant think of a des
was what kept me going at it for what seemed like forever. Damn, McKenna's dream self could dance fast. My sneaker stuck on something. Jolting me out of my mind babble, I fell forward onto the ground. I
Tags: ComaroLoveHeartBreakKiss

A comedic tale about a "normal" job for hitmen fro
devilishly. He then returned to pulling the anchor back up. Just then, it stopped and he struggled to haul it. It was snagged on something. Geez, Vinnie, the anchors stuck, he snorted. Gimme a hand
Tags: Satire

This is the beginning of my novel called "Demoniqu
need computers. He just hated the fact that they all gave themselves faces. Why did they have to look human? The spirit looked at him and stuck its tongue out. This spirit was an easy demon. She
Tags: Evil

A short story based on actual events that took pla
.) After the first puff Ramal realized that smoking weed was something that he enjoyed; immensely if I may add. Ramal had the type of personality that once he set his mind to something he stuck
Tags: non-fiction short story people action suspense

As I wonder why I Do
it in my mind;And like the bitch she always is, life has to hold a grudge, So she lifts her leg, makes me fall into a wall that will not budge,As my face bounces off the brick I am struck with deja-vu, I
Tags: 1

This is the first chapter of the Science Fiction S
one floating like the paratrooper toy he had released from his bedroom window as a child. Vinnie could not see the sky for the shadows. He was again stuck to the spot, fascinated and terrified
Tags: Science Fiction Serial