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Our man on the street Rick takes on Chicago's air
Tags: comedy interview video sketch skit funny humor snl stupid dumb

A parody of "Make Damn Sure" by Taking Back Sunday
Tags: comedy music parodies

I am, I am. I don't need a dinky mirror to tell me how lovely I look. I don't need a stupid boy to make me feel like I'm worth something. For I know, I know all too well, there's no one
Tags: seven deadly sin glamour pride

). This is one of the few "darker" pieces I have where I was basically expressing my anger and wrote this piece instead of doing something stupid. It's a solo piece on my steel string guitar
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

a crazy creek jump
Tags: Crazy stupid

50ft long bridge and 11 feet high cross ON THE BOT
Tags: Scary extreme cross crazy stupid funny water bridge ninja

I'm not really a photographer, but if I were, I'd
Tags: funny stupid

A stupid girl (me) drinking mouth wash and eating oatmeal cookies. NOTE: I did not really drink it! Please don't try it at home (under 13), it can be dangerous
Tags: stupid girl stupid girl cookies mouth wash listerine shellz jashele stupid girl project stupid videos oatmeal cookies oatmeal cookies

Tags: hip hop rnb pop dance

it's not very good and i mess up sometimes AAANNDDDD worst of all i can't belt like demi can and i try which was stupid. but it's an amazing song and i couldn't resist x]. so i hope you enjoy but you
Tags: demi lovato paige singing camp rock selena

Tags: Cartoon Comic strip

awwww he'z so mean >.< lol
Tags: stupid

think swearing/cussing is something to 'BRAG' about...right?!!! :) LOL...Oh well...if only these people KNEW how stupid they have made themselves look through their own comments, LOL...Here's the funny
Tags: Comedy silly funny kids drugs

some cool gangster moves but i aint a crip or a blood gangs are stupid! y cant you just dance
Tags: c walk walking crip gang free styling

Just messing with my photo editing program I am sa
Tags: superman cheating angry funny stupid cool

he was in a plastic bag being stupid but hilarious (he wouldnt come out
Tags: cats

An original song. I wrote it, recorded it & had no help from anyone. I know it's really horrible & the video's stupid , but I'm sorry & I'm desperate
Tags: Mitchie

Stupid Human Stealing My Limelight
Tags: digital photography

this is a video of me being stupid pretty funny
Tags: funny cool brainless