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"OMG i suck" was the orignal title, umm so, yea it needed a new one. Replica
Tags: Replica Aura Techno

mostly just let her suck my c^#k-cuz she got puhssy as hairy as an Ewok but when I hit it, she's screamin in dolby cuz you know I'm swingin like Obi Wan Kanobi-and I don't give a f^#k if you think I
Tags: Star wars the jedi pimp rock metal industria


ok this is me singing like..o20 sec of reflection i kno im rly breathy and the sound ness of it all sux but try to see beyone all that! but do kno tht i dont think im all that i kno that i suck i
Tags: mulan disney

. and once again i suck im just making these for advice ect. plz b nice
Tags: wicked musical

Tags: drawing portrait

My OC o__o Miyoko. Made in mouse,For my tablet go poof...Go ahead,Shame all you want. I know I suck for a 12 yr-old
Tags: MiyokoOCLOL

Katie takes a suck on her candy cigarette
Tags: headshot fashion glamour photograph war

Sounds a lot like something The Red Hot Chili Pepp
Tags: uncle sam president politicians suck

So tiny they'll suck you
Tags: Gauss

Joked about tea bagging and conservative right win
Tags: tea bagging gay straight suck nuts conservative bikers

drunk off you again (Drink myself to sleep) You’re my nicotine fix for the day I suck up every word you have to say [Chorus] -How much more can I take? How more are you willing to give away
Tags: Drunk Song Again How Much More Marley Rae

In the end, it means 'have a good time.' Take
does God limit us as beings? He doesnt. Tyrannical profiteers suck the money tree dry through religion. Thats all there is. When we party, were having a good time. We joke, We laugh. When you tell us
Tags: poetry poet poetic party evolution push forwa

about the good and bad times in a young womans lif
in when she was tired of being in the bed she had a 50 gallon fish aquarium with beautiful fish in it and her dressers where even arrange in suck and order around the room it looked nice she
Tags: this book is a work in progress

, personally. i really suck at lighting/shadows so for a first try with something like this, i'm happy with the outcome :3 i'd love any tips on this, though, cause i seriously have no idea xD
Tags: wolf dog canine bright black and green glow

A play on words poem about chocolate
. Now, I know you cant respond, and I can only speak for self, but physically and mentally we become one as I suck deliberately, You dissolve slowly and succulently into my tongue
Tags: Poetry & Short Stories

these wasps actually are like vampires! they attack catapillers and suck out their blood, eat it and then take it back to thier family. The rest is self expainitory
Tags: wasp catapiller

An original write by HC Holbert
listentry to understandI love God and countryI'm just a simple manI love peopleones that help brother and fellow manI loathe sheepleandThe ones that suck up to the manReachin outtouchin brothers
Tags: poetryHC Holbertthought provoking

days that suck
Tags: evolution zodiax ogden utah rap hip hop knoc

This is the second part, of the second place winning stand up, also 35 seconds in to this part I'm very proud of how I handled a heckler who shouted, "You suck
Tags: Liam Carroll Fordham Prep Talent Show