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Nitemare's of kids in the home~
not played with....tee hee.....what a surprise and hopefully how clean I hope it will be..Uh Huh!! ;) Hugs to all, And I hope you never have the Nitemare of Sheri's.....HA HA HA HA....my friend the Creep
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Grim jumps up & surprises Angel inside the box
Tags: S.Staley

Shocker, I'm singing Taylor Swift. I love her so it's really no big surprise. :) Fame it or Shame it. Whatever you feel about it. But if you're going to shame it, please leave me a comment. I
Tags: Tina Rose Use Somebody Taylor Swift Demi Lo

Found this Osprey in the Nevada Desert, quite a surprise to see it here, it was near a body of water
Tags: Osprey nevada nature

EXTREME CUTE! Caught in the act! These 2 adorable sperm characters by Bethann Shannon, a.k.a.The Sperm Lady we're caught by surprise! To see more visit me at: www.bethannshannon.com, www.thedb.com
Tags: smiley spermsmiley sperm stress balls smiling sp

Tags: vector female

It’s the beginning of a new school year and Dan Hamlin is excited to move into his new dorm room. Imagine his surprise when his roommate turns out to be... a chick. When Dan tries to correct
Tags: short film college roommate

A wonderful idea for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, long distance relationships or just for fun. A tasteful yet sexy photo shoot to surprise your special man, or just for you! All shoots
Tags: modeling

I just love this picture it calms me down. I took it when my grandma was driving-I'm surprise how clear it came out
Tags: awesome FDL nature nice highway view clouds

Went outside to take out the trash and was in for a big surprise. A Bear was in the yard
Tags: Bear Animal

video a friend did as surprise
Tags: goddess fairy mermaid dolphin

This is a birthday surprise video created by a my space friend of my paintings and drawings. His choices
Tags: goddess mermaid angel fairy faerie dolphin m

10x optical zoom, double glass window, holding the camera in my hands, just clicked... Hmm, the bird moved, I guess this picture's not a success. Surprise! This is the result
Tags: flying bird 'great titmouse'

I found this little surprise while photographing flowers...it looked like a "pole dancer" to me
Tags: bugs flowers nature praying mantis

...till I made a turn into the narrow alleyway next to it...what a delightful surprise...28"x 36
Tags: Acrylics on Illustration Board

My eye, one of the tools I use to create my work. The color changes according to my moods and this particular color was a bit of a surprise to me. My eyes are normally green. Maybe olive, maybe blue
Tags: eye eyeball look see vision soul color bw

Surprise shot
Tags: Sr Pics

Dawn breaks over Woolgoolga headland
Tags: Woolgoolga

I didn't realize he had made this surprise entrance until I uploaded my photos on the computer....lol
Tags: seagulls ice winter lake

I was taken by surprise
Tags: mine