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An impression of an afternoon, with children playing on the swings
Tags: cheerful playful impressionism impressionist

This is a picture I took at Dorney Park in Pennsyl
Tags: Swings Dorney Park Sunset

An abandoned amusement park outside of Carlisle, P
Tags: carnival swings circus theme park amusement park play abandoned

Black and White Photo. Subject: Peaceful afternoon at my parents. My Father built the swings for the grandchildren to enjoy
Tags: country tire swing trees nature peaceful rel

Tags: Model

Swings at a park near my school
Tags: swings park

These circus performers execute complex physical manuevers on this mechanical device as it spins and/or swings
Tags: circusperformersbalancingacrobatstrickdangero

Taken in May 2002. My sweey little boy swings and seems to fly in all directions! I thought this action and motion freeze was interesting. Original MacArt Photography by TDC, 2002
Tags: motion action children photography

i was a bit too into the swing ride at the park...
Tags: swings girl scary

This is really his name, B-Butt earned his name through the way he plays with the other dogs in our home. He swings his butt into the other dogs face when he is losing the game
Tags: Battle Butt - Long haired chihuahua

This is a pic of my next door neighbor. We had a big Pic-Nic in the park last summer and all the people from our street attended. I caught her riding high on the swings. I love her expression, so
Tags: summer children kids humor original photograp

School proj. where all the kids had classmates sig
Tags: happy face swings playground balls

I wanted something different, happy, and fun with this shot. A scene that made a person sit back and smile. Maybe reminisce about warm days and fireflies and porch swings. As much as I love
Tags: spring converse chucks shoes porch happy flo

((Taken from the book 'cause I cant think of a des
of the swings. I swung slowly and took my phone out. I was text messaging my best friend McKenna. She was a laugh, that girl. Always getting into trouble, and having me get her out of it. I put my
Tags: ComaroLoveHeartBreakKiss

This is a free verse poem about what it really mea
back. who have you hurt? when you were little, who didnt you share with? in elementary school, who wouldnt you push on the swings? in junior high, whos clothes did you make fun of? throughout your
Tags: Poetry free verse dark surreal angry

Stop taking pictures and PUSH ME ON THE SWINGS <3
Tags: Swings Emo

Wake up to the indie scene Rising to the top like sweet, sweet cream Tide's turning The pendulum swings the other way Wake Up Wake up Wake up Cd Baby Wake Up Wake up Wake up Cd Baby Wake
Tags: Cd Baby Jingle rock

swings in the snow
Tags: swings in the snow park sunset