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funny lip sync me and my freinds made
Tags: lip lipsync spoof cascada

A lip sync video i did when i first got my web cam a few months ago
Tags: Barenaked Ladies If i had a million dollars

Me and my friends turning a boring day into a musi
Tags: I want it that way lip sync

My number one job with couples is helping them fin
best friend and who that person is. If your answer is your lover, then you are on the right track. You need to have that bond with each other so that you are in complete sync and can have a committed
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

just fooling around with the cousins
Tags: funny lip sync life is a highway high way apple pie

Shoved the camera out of the window of my friends car. A little bit of rain, slow shutter speed, and second curtain sync produced this picture
Tags: night time drive slow shutter speed second curtain sync

I actually turned the camera around with a slow sh
Tags: music tornado guitar slow shutter speed second curtain sync

This is a song i wrote about a year ago. I recorded it myself using my mac probook, the first 25 seconds is a tiny bit out of sync but it quickley adjusts and the rest is ok
Tags: Muzikillanrkey music wishing for red By:Dan Pue

a song i wrote a year ago, recorded with macbook pro, first 20-25 seconds are a tiny bit out of sync, but then it comes together and is an ok song
Tags: muzikillanrkey music wishing for red

Tags: lala

“in-sync” with another Big Giver. At the very same time Oprah was promoting and sharing information from the self-help DVD/book called The Secret” it was brought to my attention….I was too. “What
Tags: HaloAngelsONESandra LynchAngelsAtGodCentralSta

This is me singing gone Forever by Three Days Grace. Sorry about the sync of the mouth and sound. I don't know what happened
Tags: music singing three days grace

Wrote this for my cartoon/virtual band, The Doovie
Tags: "the back street boys" "boy band" pop auto-tune n-sync

Here's a picture to go along with this. :) http://
Tags: cartoon silly goofy crazy stupid dumb voice

Picture I made for my silly song, So Handsome. Mad
Tags: cartoon funny silly goofy handsome

Another duet with a fellow youtuber, this one with singindork888! "Lucky" as recorded by Jason Mraz and Colbie Calliet. Somehow the video (parts of him singing) got off sync from the audio
Tags: lucky jason mraz collie callait pop love so