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Poem of voices some people hear when they have a m
142880.txtTalking in my head.....The screams,the screams,the talking in my head telling me to do bad this I dread!!!I wish for them to stop but why,oh why won't they,I feel like my head is going
Tags: S.Staley

Sorry about the talking at the end and stuff. I did it for YouTube to address some of the haters I had on there. Also...sorry about the wall...I took all my Jonas Brothers posters down
Tags: Bruno Mars Just the Way You Are Tina Rose

Yeah I randomly climb a tree and i get caught talking to a camera
Tags: Random tree old

This song shows that real music is coming back. Its a very positive song talking about Stay In School and the importance of an education
Tags: 2 Krayze Rap Hip-Hop Positive Music Stay In S

Can you tell I love Pump Up the Volume? I love the idea of Talking Hard. And it was a pirate radio theme for my work
Tags: Talk Hard Skeleton Headphones Statement

pity and self destruction. It is easy to fall into the hold of self pity when coping with long term illness, or any other obstacle that we are faced in our lives. Ophelia is talking about coming so
Tags: painting acrylic secret reflections reflection

This be an acoustic song we wrote, lol finally a song without the hassle of drums!! yeh its just about lazy people, and my singing is rather more talking i think :S let u decide. quite catchy id like
Tags: I Know Urban Battalion Acoustic

After going through a break up, you're pretty mad. But, you realize that talking bad about your ex behind their back isn't going solve anything
Tags: You Should Know Caitlin Timmins

I am 4 and a lovely mix of Persian and Vietnamese.
Tags: Child Kid Toddler Twin Baby Infant

Action adventure spoof 'Yan Dash!' features a memorable 'Naked Bun' sequence, a talking turtle, some hot pool-side babes & an evil butler who's out to destroy the world
Tags: hot babes spoof film comedy action humor fu

Newly built wing in Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, NV.
Tags: Renisassance Venice Las Vegas Caesars

This is actually a picture i did in photoshop. It's supposed to be vision of my bad conscience talking to me
Tags: dark science fiction monsters fantasy horror

I was swinging and talking to aj and dalton was taping and i didnt even know and i couldnt hear dalton talking either cause of the wind.....funny
Tags: Swing

against the wall Edmund is the Chipmunk fella sitting on the ground talking to Asher. Asher is....Asher Matteo is the one on the computer Gina is the confused one sitting down
Tags: Friends Asher Shadow Edmund Matteo Gina

singin, talking on the phone about my man sleeping around with another man that is the name of my song ,im singing too
Tags: acting in own music video song call my man

Talking to my baby
Tags: Maraya photo modelling sexy

Acting on my own
Tags: acting

This? I let you figure out the stuff, but it's just about my character yin in year 10 talking a fav teacher in a school trip while playing basketball and one other teacher got
Tags: jealous anime manga art

This is me talking about plus size modeling
Tags: Plus size model

My first canvas was originally made for a friend of mine, but she and i stopped talking, and i quit working on it until last month. When i finally finished it i kept it in my room until it was my
Tags: Weird Fishes A3 Space Mermaid Graffiti