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Copy of paper for college speech and communication
was always rowdy, with 2 of the black boys and the pretty-boy/bad-boy leading the disruption. When the bell rang, the noise continued. Our smiling, long-suffering teacher went through the daily routine
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

THis is my drawing teacher
Tags: Charcoal Drawing

i'm overwhelmed by all the task that my teacher has give to me
Tags: a

This is a piece I wrote when I spent time in the C
Tags: Weddings connecticut guitarist guitar teacher

Tags: allen smithee grill weed sniffing glue sex with teacher rittalin psychiatry

A disgruntled teacher drags his feet to class. His students know he's been fired, and its their last day to break his will once and for all
Tags: musical silent film comedy

Just Having Fun With This Song!!! My Boyfriend Is A Teacher!!! Thank-You For Viewing!!! Maraya Mills
Tags: Maraya Music Pop Modeling Model Video

Mista Mo: Controversial Edge Written & Performed
Tags: comedy humor humour commentary mista mo teac

This? I let you figure out the stuff, but it's just about my character yin in year 10 talking a fav teacher in a school trip while playing basketball and one other teacher got
Tags: jealous anime manga art

Another of my Long Rambles into the Sonic Possibilities of my Imagination. It is an audio interpetation about a student, of the Temple of Thought. He reluctantly leaves his Teacher, venturing forth
Tags: original music synths recording sound track

original acrylic on masonite panel 36" x 48"
Tags: cuba schoolvieja children escuela ninoshavan

Yun Hi Chala, A Song from the movie Swades Rendered By Adithya.S during his college, teacher's day celebrations with his band-The MuziQal BliZZarDz Lead Singer: Adithya.S. Percussions: Manoj.S.
Tags: rahman hariharan sivamani india colleg

as a people, back into his good graces and sends an angel to stop him. Much later on in our history we needed a great teacher to give humans some kind of morale compass to follow, in order to live peacefully
Tags: Venitian Plaster

This was a flyer I made for the Teacher of The Year at Irvine Valley College in 08
Tags: flyer teacher college ivc design graphic school

did, sold for $50 to a teacher at my High school
Tags: america bald eagle flag painting

This is a painting I did for my art teacher of her Daughter
Tags: art painting fireworks american flag daughter

Business Card for Trudy Shiels, Artist/Designer/Teacher
Tags: business card logo artist teacher designer brand corporate print market ad advertise graphic design illustration illustrator indesign publish print design desktop

This weeks assignment to draw three views of the hand showing the tendons and inner structure for artists, Charcoal, Sanguine and white pencil on Kraft paper .. My teacher like to see cross hatching
Tags: Life Class hand charcoal

to teach or not to teach?!
Tags: white tie hair me eye-shadows

Keandra Thats a Good Drawin, Ur Deff Gettin a A On That" And Im Like thanks =D Anyways i Get 2 6th Period And This One Boy Hes Tellin Ma Teacher, "THAT RELATES NOTHING TO THEM FINDING THE NEW WORLD
Tags: Sonic vs Shadow The Hedgehog Cartoon Charact