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Flowers from my garden,one small red wild flower among three unbudded ones w/ marigolds surrounding..all planted by seed
Tags: S.staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
. Two or three weeks into the semester, I entered one of these classrooms (I dont remember which subject). I sat down in my seat and watched the free-for-all, as I pulled out my homework. This class
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Tags: three red roses nature

I have been travelling through asia studying and writing about martial arts for six years. also did three martial arts films
Tags: martial artskungfuboxingmuaythai antoniogracef

This is part 2 of three. In this segment, Fake Jon Stewart takes a closer look at the now infamous Michael Richards apology
Tags: michael richards jon stewart

This collection now has about twenty paintings, but these three came first
Tags: Abstract

This is the first of four. The other Three are water, fire and air
Tags: earth digital Art

This is a series of four. The other three are Earth, Water, Air
Tags: elements digital art fire

This is one in a series. the other three are Earth, Air and Fire
Tags: elements water digital art

This particular song is one of three that were recorded with a live sample of a thunder storm that I has recorded earlier in 2006
Tags: WET (Dry Mix)musicnewsongsmoothgroove

This is a image of me originally for my self portrait assignment where i had to put myself in the image a minimum of three times. Completed this in photoshop. I believe this image shows a few
Tags: portraiture portrait photoshop creative people

I had to do this in one of my classes as the final. It's on three canvases and 3 feet by 6 feet
Tags: Painting Bird Huge Dark Black Gothic

Barrows: String Trio No. 2 first movement From a live concert First movement of a three-movement piece
Tags: Barrows String Trio No. 2 first movement

A song about a chicken , a drunk , and a boy who l
Tags: music bars

This is the first segment of my National Lampoon Radio Interview with host, Kevin Couch. For the entire three segments, go here to listen: http://www.myspace.com/normajeancomedy
Tags: National Lampoon Radio Noram Jean Comedian Actr

this is a drum and base tune based on the film saw three writen and produced by myself
Tags: DnB dance drum and base techno trance house

linoleum print.
Tags: print skull 3 three black and white

Aglaea, Euphrosyne, and Thali are the names of "The Three Graces" - Beauty, Mirth, and Good Cheer. I'm not really sure what the difference between mirth and good cheer is - but there you have
Tags: Digital Painting Espacelaurent Limited Edition

, have to check that in My soundgarden) 13:50 Lorena 1 16:30 Lorena 7 18:00 Sinderella 20:30 Stephanie 25:00 three chords blues :-)) 25:35 Lorena 3 28:00 s'Vreneli 28:40 4 Lorena 29:35 Lorena
Tags: Zachary Handcrafted Guitars

I wrote this song when i started hearing news reports in the media about mothers throwing infants in dumpsters and appalling reports of child abuse. I had three little girls at the time
Tags: Rock Pop Vocal