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This particular song is one of three that were recorded with a live sample of a thunder storm that I has recorded earlier in 2006
Tags: WET (Dry Mix)musicnewsongsmoothgroove

24" x 36" oil on canvas
Tags: Skyspace sky clouds birds landscapes air storm dark clouds intense sky thunder storm oils

This was a sunset right after a thunder storm. The sky started to clear and the sun came out. Beautiful purple colors
Tags: Carolyn Yohn McManus photography sunset jewerly

Photo of an on coming Summer Thunderstorm across t
Tags: Stormcloudsthunderthunderstormsummer stormrain cloudskyphotographynature

This was an unexpected thunder storm
Tags: storm

I wrote this song during a thunder storm intending to be about a thunder storm... and well I guess it kind of is but this is what I got
Tags: storm thunder storm abuse strength

about the good and bad times in a young womans lif
Hard spikes of cold rain nailed the day to the city. Thunder rolled across the dark sky, She could not conceal her bitterness. 'Stealing children from their mother' Custody dispute?' 'Well
Tags: this book is a work in progress

This was taken after church just after a thunder storm. We prayed for a rainbow, we got 2
Tags: pictures rainbows

a poem i wrote
. I say heal me. Thunder makes flowers bloom after the storm. I say keep me safe. Thunder booms, I will protect you. I say love me. Thunder says, I do
Tags: thunder

A short story of a very long night.
. The storm howled its angriest. Lightning lit up the countryside like spotlights. Thunder claps reached crescendos Sean had never heard before, until it seemed the very walls would crack in two. The storm
Tags: Short Story Stormy Suspense.

This little masterpiece was inspired by something I was hearing in a live recorded sample of a thunder storm in mid-summer of 2006. I have also included nylon string electric guitar to add texture
Tags: ew jazz movement newjazzmovement digitsoundz

A Poem of storm that is cleaning the world of all the wrongs
The Storm As the night fades to the day You are startled shaken from your sleep With fear in your eyes You rush to the window to gaze across the sky The feeling of horror rises as you look
Tags: StormsDarknessFearThunderWindColdFeelingsInspirationLifeDeath

Make: PENTAX Corporation Model: PENTAX K100D Shu
Tags: cloud storm blue thunder rock island illinois

The world comes down on Denise, a storm of broken glass and alien forms and overhead the clouds are grey and alive, a seething mass of living forms. Danger is imminent, her wits are all she has
such a massive cloud, in fact she considered this to be the largest darkest mother of all clouds. "That's one hell of a storm," she muttered under her breath sensing the excitement of watching
Tags: Science Fiction Serial The Falling

December 2009
as the lightning which causes the thunder Loud as a clap in the midst of the storm, warm HOT! And I will hold the moon high Reflecting your brilliance back upon you Until you see, How fucking brilliant you can
Tags: Poetry

A series of cloud to cloud lightning strikes light
Tags: Colorado Summer Night Storm Thunder Lightning Bolt Severe Weather

eyes, And you ran to me for comfort. It's not just the thunder I remember, But how our hearts beat fast, beat strong, And you held to me with passion. It's not just the storm I remember
Tags: poetry

Re-edited this a little, as well as re-sung some of the vocals... and added more vocals. I added a thunder clap after "I'll sheild you from the storm" too, and that was actually recorded when we had
Tags: cartoon band "boy band" T-Pain auto-tune G-S

that's what the song needed. When the storm passed I went in and put train, and thunder effects in it. Made a BIG diff. Thanks for listening my friends
Tags: Ballads music songs storms thunder thunder storms trains sound effects slow rock sad breakups relationships

Images taken during the night of 15 July, with len
Tags: Las Vegas Lightning Storm Thunder Clouds Sky Night Summer Desert