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Short Story..Fantasy short story on how not to set
at me,THAT was the last straw! In an uncharacteristic act, I slapped this book shut & trapped that annoying flying fairy inside. It kept squeeling & shouting at me the most obscence way. I just
Tags: S. Staley

Tags: None

I came up with the idea of a something being trapped in there, but to scale with the box. It's a lantern box so it gives off light. I imagined a street light with an imprisoned fairy lighting
Tags: light fairy cage

Tags: fence me thinking

Manipulating photograph into negative style, creat
Tags: Photography

“No Escape” was inspired by the 500-year-old Gothi
Tags: no escape stairs stairwell girl woman trapped florence hotel

Tags: abandoned derelict farmhouse country ceiling

Here we explore the feelings of non-worth and how it leaves a person feeling unwanted, helpless, controlled and trapped - Elf
Tags: poetry self-worth Sarah Burk mental illness

this song is about feeling trapped in the past
Tags: alternative rock captivity

18x24 Oil on canvas...
Tags: Oils on canvas

Tags: art graphic design trapped image

Tags: Fence Trapped Leg Pattern

Friday Friday. The end of the week. For some however, the week never ends. A piano ballad that searches the world of the workaholic soul trapped. A desperate wavering vocal style sets this track
Tags: Ballad Power ballad soul emo alternative

Tags: model

A short story I wrote for a friend.
Trapped inside a small encased room, Kii struggled to keep from freaking out. Small. Encased. Room. Two of those words and Kii, don't mix. Sitting in a corner curled up into a tight ball
Tags: Kii Horror Death

my cv in art, exhibitions, organizations, and art
pressure, clear appearance trapped the look. His form was simple, sapuan his colour lived, all of it menunjukan the work of the big painter... (Jacky moreau - Director Centre of Culture French Surabaya
Tags: cv

Written after a long drastic wake up call in my li
. Jealousy and greed have gotten us nowhere, Always competing with those who have more. Never again will I let myself go there, Trapped in a place where nothings for sure. Theres a love inside me growing so
Tags: poetry love hate religous

Kyra trapped behind some Tulle
Tags: Kyra

I'll explain this one: well, all of the sketches a
Tags: bound chained sharp hurt anxiety agoraphobia

True story of a trip over the mountains
, the wind blowing. Time dragged on as we sat, trapped in an icy caravan. After four hours, we had yet to reach the summit. I was nine months pregnant with our first child, due any day. Cranky
Tags: Thanksgiving snow travel Oregon