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About myself and how I try so hard to change for o
For You I tried...... For you I tried to better myself,for you I tried to change... For you I tried to make myself into someone new & strange... I learn, I can not do these things... for I do
Tags: By Sheryl Staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
dear friend, in the seat in front of me, said, I dont like her. How could this kind, gentle, Christian girl not like a woman who patiently, tried to do her job without looking like the bad guy? Her only
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

I don't know what Kind of Duck this is... Anyone out there know? I've tried whatbird.com with no results
Tags: unknown name of duck red head

I'm not that good at drawing unicorns, or horses. But I tried. And it turned out alright. This only took me about half an hour to draw
Tags: Cindy Smith

my pencil artwork of a lady that i tried to capture in paper
Tags: pencil drawing

Shot hours after I arrived from Korea.. I got quite chubby from the trip.. but I tried my best to work
Tags: Gowns

I tried to create a contrast between the first half and second
Tags: electronica

tried out some realism. i think it came out pretty sweet. what do you think
Tags: graphic art cd layout rock and roll

have an elegant yet stylish and unique look to it. I tried to make the image look like me. The hair isn't exactly like mine but it is similar to it and I had to put the glasses since I do wear
Tags: Fashion Design

i tried my hand at a little 6/8 ballad
Tags: RnBHip Hopmusicsoulbabsballad

this guy plays way to many video games, so for his portrait i tried to make him look like a video game character
Tags: strange fantasy

We were so intoxicated we couldnt work the flash, lol, tried for 10 minute pose
Tags: Blackwallstreet JUICE THE GAME

pen on paper, i've tried to do a postcard for a very nice little cosy gay pub in oxford
Tags: the jolly farmers

tried to help me, when I was down I can’t remember And even if the sun goes out I still have myself to shine for And even if loves just a vapor I still have the tools to build
Tags: love vapor lovevapor songwriter songwriting a

me and shane mills on my beat...killin it
Tags: pain trying djradgunna

I tried to capture all what Philadelphia is in this song
Tags: dj bagheera philly electronica

I wrote this song a couple weeks ago... Inspired by all the guys I've dated that have tried to change me
Tags: Acoustic

These were two of my favorite old flannel shirts. I should have tried to sell this to L.L. Bean. Don't they use paintings on their catalog covers a lot
Tags: oil painting still-life

, adding material and feathers on it.Back in the 1800's there would be no sticking on objects to make an artwork.so thats how i tried to appropriate
Tags: paint

i was just going to the club. and my gurl tried to take a pic of me while i wasnt lookin...lol
Tags: pearly whites