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A Junco visits my tripod
Tags: junco tripod nature

An American Goldfinch on my tripod
Tags: goldfinch

IN the still of the night and especially about an hour before dawn when that electric blue takes over you can find me by my post (which is my trustly tripod) capturing those images which I am well
Tags: Night Photography time exposures

photo of Mt.Raineer taken with a Nikon D200 no tripod
Tags: Mt.Raineer

This is a self portrait taken while I was in NYC. I used a tripod and a plunger to take the shot and capture the Brooklyn Bridge reflection in my glasses. Mark
Tags: Brooklyn Bridge glasses reflection.


This is a picture of me that I took of water drops on a spiderweb ... The camera was on a tripod and I put my face behind the web and There I am again and again.. LOL
Tags: spiderweb water drops refraction

I took this at our new home in Brownsville, we had not unpacked everything yet, so no tripod to use
Tags: Insect Photos Photography nature photos spider

3 guys, complete strangers to me, walked into McD with a tripod & a cancorder while I was working and asked if they could film something. I asked my manager for them and things were pretty slow
Tags: McDonald's funny comedy dollar independent lo

. Shot from a Catamaran anchored in a bay using a 200mm telephoto and no tripod
Tags: Bird bird of prey falcon cliff caribbean phot

I Need A Tripod
Tags: live improv comedy acting stage theater sket

I took this photo in the middle of the road on a tripod in long exposure down the street from Grady Hospital in Atlanta, Ga
Tags: atlanta photos John Rogoski

This picture was taken using a Samsung S730 point and shoot camera. Using the "ASR" setting and a tripod, I was able to get the blurred motion of the bowler. This was at Bolwmore Lanes, NYC
Tags: Action Photography

Me, with a little help from a tripod and mirrors. Enhanced the grain, but my old film camera broke so I've had to continue with a crappy digital. Oh well, this came out nice nonetheless
Tags: portrait digital

Playing around with the tripod taking pics of myself
Tags: guitar girl self

Michael and I went to Memphis in 2008.
intimidating of the big cats. The lion is smaller and more passive by comparison. There are two species of tigers: Bengal and Siberian. The kangaroo uses its tail to form a tripod when it sits
Tags: Jim Colyer Michael Colyer Memphis travel

Took my own picture with my tripod and timer
Tags: self portrait

little itty bitty tripod!!! I had already shot about 10 pix of the moon...and was about to snap another shot...when...right as I clicked the button....and the 2 second timer was clicking
Tags: Halloween Spooky Ghost Witch Witches Hat Mop

of the lights, set up the tripod, turned off the flash, and let the camera capture the rest
Tags: comagraphics Seasonal Photography tree christm

I chased this little guy around the yard for the better part of an hour. I don't think he was too happy with me. He finally settled down in a large fern. I set up the tripod..carefully pulled
Tags: lizard green macro close-up gekko surprise n