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"OMG i suck" was the orignal title, umm so, yea it needed a new one. Replica
Tags: Replica Aura Techno

umm pretty much i was taking pictures as often as possible.. this is one i took right after i woke up in the morning.. kinda lazy
Tags: Modeling

umm well toyota
Tags: toyota mr2 car black white B&W

This is a comic I drew...umm..the opinions represented by the characters in my comics do not neccisarily represent the opinions and/or views of me, the one who thought of them
Tags: comic knife

umm...this is the face i make when some "person" tries to talk smack about me...ha ha....then it goes down!!! ha ha....IM NOT A VIOLENT PERSON...I SWEAR
Tags: excuse me

a butterfly
Tags: sunshine

im cute and skinny
Tags: umm what u think bout

Tags: umm background

umm lets never speak of this again lol
Tags: i look dumb dont i

these are some things of me
Tags: umm...idk

Messages is fun because it's fun to do! And you can... um.. um... talk people Faster and stronger. And then... Umm... More than messages. I'm Woody! My name Woody, Sheriff Woody! Chorus Woody
Tags: silly stupid nonsense non no sense stupid p

umm...I just saw this and thought it looked cool
Tags: ocean metal

A story about the future a post-apocalyptic world
do that anymore. I said softly. Oh, well, umm, yeah, I guess you did think of that other stuff, huh. Alli said defeated Yeah, well now my plan was shot out of the sky, now I have to take out
Tags: DX

umm ok
Tags: emo

well just read the first paragraph thats where i w
bomb x)-(jake:umm dude what am i suppose to do with this!?)-(raw:just throw it in the back fast or it will burn you!!!)-jake throws it back and smoke starts coming out everybody starts yelling
Tags: funnyrebelationschoolteens

Umm...This isn't all that inspirational, its more motivating if you ask me haha. But I absolutely love all of that Spiritual Beliefs and the animal spirits are what inspire me the most, and I thought
Tags: Inspirationalish

Race Car Shoot
Tags: Jen Carter

umm did this ages ago and looks colourful :) enjoy
Tags: radio drinks patterns

This is one of the videos of me singing. Umm Maybe you guys can give me some tips and comment on my singing. Im getting better though
Tags: singing miley cyrus

umm, a few photos we took at school
Tags: brody me taylor