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One nation under GOD
Tags: united states flag nation america God

I took this picture while on a boat looking at the waterfall art now on display in New York City under the bridges
Tags: New York bridge brooklyn

This deer was peeping from under an apple tree as I was shooting her with my camera
Tags: deer

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
to the door...my nieghbor yells out...the driveway is as icy as before!! Now I have to walk like a bird to the door "don't fall" I mubble under my breath...just about there,then..BOOM! Down I go
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my chi
& bugs be gone..mom loves thoses shiny teeth~ By now my tiny ones you start to yawn & rub those tiny eyes...for my work is down & the cloud is your bed,with a soft pillow under your head & my story
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Not sure if you can see..there is a groundhog under the barn peeking out..I will crop this picture soon to show it better..the darkness is from a storm we were having..I will continue to try & get
Tags: S.Staley

Just checking to see if trolls really do live under bridges or not..hee hee
Tags: S. Staley

A photo I took of my sister and her husband in the
Tags: snorkeling sea fish underwater

The cars go over, the trains go under
Tags: bridge over under

This huge tree actually has a house under
Tags: big tree hwy 89

You can always find a deer or 2 under an apple tree. 10-21-09
Tags: deer under apple tree

Poem on a Christmas tree
153940.txtThe Gift Tree....Oh I see a beautiful tree...Full of lights & Sprakles...Tinsel & Bulbs...Candy canes & Goodies..Plus presents & stocking under it....Oh how fitting..Garland,twinkles,all
Tags: S.Staley

My Grimmy under the tree
Tags: S.Staley

to be a little bigger than a ferret. The tail was very thick, and nearly as long as the body. It swam away under the water
Tags: river otter nature

I choose his real name rather than the name he used to sound more Irish...McCaffrey....after a week in the sun I'd never pass for an Irishman! At age 50 I'm under no illusions as to my future roles
Tags: This is me for at 50! for better or worse

my cat sleeping on the bed
Tags: my cat

with chrysal Truth under the selfless Elysian sight... Cadaveric, the ancient colossus fed the earth with its deformed remains, pausing in the wretched tumescence of a breathless chiliad... Rewoven
Tags: poetry poem poems writer romance free verse

Under the streets of Paris
Tags: creepy skull paris catacombs photos pics pho

Jargus introduces himself as being under house arrest, gives a quick tour, and curses the first floor of his home
Tags: jargus algorythm algorithm new show series c