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Yi-Huan Zhao, Violin Bo Dong, Viola, Yue Tang, Cello
Tags: Barrows: String Trio No. 1 "Taipei"

Barrows: Duo for Violin and Cello played by Shan Jiang, violin and Candy Fang, Cello
Tags: Barrows: Duo for Violin and Cello

Barrows: Elegy for Unaccompanied Violin
Tags: Barrows: Elegy for Unaccompanied Violin

Tags: violin

executant: me
Tags: violin

Tags: violin

Svet performing LIVE at the Rochester Institute of
Tags: Hip Hop Violin

colored pencil drawing of a girl playing violin
Tags: violin girl music drawing colored pencil

), Phillip O'Banion (marimba and vibraphone), Noam Sivan (pianoforte), Igor Szwec (violin), and James J. Cooper III (violoncello), directed by Yuval Waldman 2008-06-13 at Bryn Mawr College, PA, USA, via
Tags: flute clarinet percussion marimba vibraphone piano pianoforte violin cello violoncello classical avant garde goth presto

A cover of one of our favorite songs by one of our
Tags: nothing for a while nothingforawhile arcade fire rebellion lies cover guitar violin piano bass alina olivia sondra

Nothing For A While's second project. Haha, we we
Tags: nicest thing kate nash cover nothing for a while pop guitar violin nothingforawhile alina olivia sondra

Ok i did this oil portrait of a merry musician last year for another art assignment. The objective was for me to appropriate a tradional painting..i kind of did this by carving out a violin from wood
Tags: paint

Woman playing the violin, second in a series of three, two pigeons, a window twice, and planets and moons conjured... Mostly collage but some serious Photoshop painting and manipulation
Tags: Venus Jupiter Moons Earth violin music window man in top hat surrealism surreal collage

made for a friend. it was printed and given to her
Tags: justin scary jesus god godless decending decent moth butterfly insect insects wing wings halo halos spine spinal instrument cello violin strings f hole holes digital dark

A symphonic rock piece that I composed on the piano and then transposed digitally using Fruity Loops and Cool Edit Pro. Dark and stormy classical bit using the cello, violin, various other
Tags: birgitta classical electronic D&B downtempo bass beat fruity loops music cello violin guitar drums strings rock

Painted in the forest.
Tags: dance gypsy violin rainbow vase

She speaks for herself. This original drawing is
Tags: angel violin beautiful love sadness fear death seduction lonely

The one man band in the palm of the hand.
Tags: Hand candle still life surreal guitar music play pick violin