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I was walking my dog and had to stop to snap up this picture of a plant growing in the concrete between bricks
Tags: plant concrete photograph

I was out walking in the mountains surrounding Greenville, CA when I came upon this enchanted little tree stump. I didn't realize until I got home and put the picture on screen, it has a little face
Tags: enchanted stump

A shot of my pug walking through my mothers yard of tulips and daffadils
Tags: pug tulips spring

I found this Flower, and many others like it as I was out walking in the forest. I was told it's a Snow Flower, when I googled it, nothing comes up like this... Any ideas
Tags: Red flower

Short story of life at home~
the children inside this christmas eve day. For they say we'll eat them with such glee..but 5 batches of cookies,we shall see! I still haven't found my shoes in all this time,maybe there up and walking
Tags: By sheryl Staley

Poem on love~
... like your walking on cloud 9... Your head is dizzy & in a mist You never want it to stop.. We feel so empowered by love... it can come from a that new guy/gal in your life.. or a newborn who just came
Tags: S.Staley

I was walking down the street and saw this shot to my left. Not a huge photographer, but still can't get over the clouds
Tags: highrise skyscraper seattle bellevue clouds s

While walking through a little villiage on the border of Italy and France I found two cars burned completely to a crisp
Tags: Car fire burn

Title track of my EP
Tags: Finchley Walking with Angels

Illistrative Pop art, 2ft x 2ft acrylic on board -
Tags: Acrylic painting pop art

The credits will soon follow
Tags: sunset park man walking dog silhouette blah blah blah

walking in the sand
Tags: sand children

Walking along the river and passed
Tags: Butterfly

me singing Cher's version of this cohen classic, w
Tags: vocal video

A video shot as Mike and I were walking along Town Lake, Auditorium Shores. Music by Lionel Wilder of Los Angeles, California. Town Lake is in Austin, Texas where I live. Lionel is my son
Tags: music movies film art

The very best daddys have patience with their children, even if it means walking across the water for the 100th time
Tags: girl daughter dad time

This is my highest flip ever--I have it on video to prove that it happened. 6 feet up. I stood on top of that wall over bare concrete and flipped off, landing on my feet and kept walking. (Don't get
Tags: flips flip wall high

Digital Art....2007 Hermes Hernandez Artist Paint
Tags: no limit

photo taken in griffith park, edited in photoshop
Tags: pop art street griffith park walk down the

this was from the back walking in a wonderful field
Tags: back field beautiful