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I'm pretty sure this is from the wasp family. I found it in my wood pile, pretty sure it's laying eggs. If you know different, please let me know
Tags: yikes Macro wasp family

I went out during sunset after it rained, and even
Tags: wasp bug dew plant leaf

A yellow Jacket working on gathering food for the
Tags: Wasp-bees-honey-working-insect

A bumble bee and Wasp sharing a Goldenrod flower
Tags: Nature / Insects / Macro

Tags: waspspiderfoodcatchinsectbee

Tags: nature

Tags: waspspider

I am doing random stuff and talking about Hallowee
Tags: wasp

Photo I took in my kitchen..uploaded for the conte
Tags: bee wasp macro

A wasp nest that appeared near my front door one spring. Beautiful and intricate beauty and a community of wasps which seemed to accept me. Sadly I had to zap them out of existence because
Tags: wasp nest hive wasps

wasp nest
Tags: animals

a wasp, which i am definitely not too fond
Tags: wasps insects bug wildlife spring

I chased this yellow-jacket around for quite awhil
Tags: wasp yellow jacket contest fruit yellow berry green close-up

I was working outside when i noticed this wasp land on this piece of siding with a huge catapiller in its jaws! not something you see everyday so i ran for my camera
Tags: Wasp catapiller insect

mmmm lunch..
Tags: wasp catapiller insect yellow jacket

these wasps actually are like vampires! they attac
Tags: wasp catapiller

The New Kings!! Great band with players from BlackFoot Eric Clapton,WASP Leon Russell, Lynryd Skynyrd, and we were all in Lita Ford this year!! I am looking for another National Band that needs a rel
Tags: Lead Guitar & Vocals

I was out in front of my living room window taking
Tags: naturebeeyellowgreeninsectswaspnestredgrayclay

Photo of am Pine cone. I just like the color and
Tags: naturebeeyellowgreeninsectswaspnestredgrayclaybrownpine coneslines

The nursery :) As you can see the outer ring is all the new little eggs and they are closing up the the older ones to become nice big wasp's
Tags: naturebeeyellowgreeninsectswaspnestredgrayclaybrownpine coneslines