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These are my Yorkshire Terrier pups that were born on Valentines day. They are 2 1/2 weeks old. I couldn't resist taking this shot of them sleeping. I couldn't have posed them any better than
Tags: Yorkshire Terrier Pups

My Hyacinth plant looking from top view & how much it has grown since last weeks photos
Tags: S.Staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
. Two or three weeks into the semester, I entered one of these classrooms (I dont remember which subject). I sat down in my seat and watched the free-for-all, as I pulled out my homework. This class
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Me and a couple of friends made this about 4 or 5 years ago in front of my friend's dad's house he got pissed at us and it stayed for 2 weeks after all the snow had melted
Tags: Snowbongbongphoto

This is our rabbit, RAb. he is 8 weeks old. He is an adorable pet. very playful and good with kids. I had my doubts about him, but he has proven to be quite the fun character
Tags: rabbit bunny pet furball

i made this track a few weeks ago like all my tracks the portray they way i was feeling at the time, i was not feel to happy, but by creating it that changed
Tags: RnBmusichip hopbabs

Pull on your heart-strings, spooky sequel to the famous song by Red Sovine, Teddy Bear, He was actually going to record it but died first by two weeks. Make ya think song
Tags: Teddy Bear by Red Sovine This is the sequel Haun

Artwork drawn in the past few weeks with hidden features of all the elements
Tags: drawing

says..."GOOGLE ME!" www.thesillyspermshop.etsy.com,www.fridainheaven.etsy.com,www.theartangel.etsy.com Hey! This year I'm celebrating Xmas 2 weeks later with my family, more in the spirit
Tags: sperm artsperm designsperm cartoonsxmas spermc

hi hi!!! this pic is my first evr charcoal pic.. nobody liked it :( ... sad of mee... it's been done b4 sum weeks i think... pls leav ur suggstions ... am jus 14 n need loadz of suggestions to impruv
Tags: art

hiee !!! this 1 has been done wit refrnce b4 sum weeks the medium is charcoal pls leav ur suggstions am jus 14 n need ur help1!! b sweeeeet
Tags: art

Following the hit Television Show “The Apprentice” in format the search began. Goal: Assistant to “Tim West @ Breakfast Alpha Radio Final finalists; over five weeks; individually challenged
Tags: Radio Interview Audition Challenge

I wrote this song a couple weeks ago... Inspired by all the guys I've dated that have tried to change me
Tags: Acoustic

This is photograph is a Color/Sepia mix of baby Malachi at two weeks old in a casting of his Mother's belly at approx. 34 weeks
Tags: Sculpture infant photography belly casting

This is a photo taken of my beloved pet and best friend Bambi. It was taken a few weeks before he past on from cancer. He was the best dog anyone could ask
Tags: cute pet photos

later within weeks of each other. Even though they stayed side by side those two never got along. Pop Pop would try to pet Jim Toms and he almost drew back a nub everytime
Tags: pencil artpencil artistdrawing artdrawing artis

My new pup "sammie" he is eight weeks old
Tags: Dog cute Golden Retriever

I used Sherwin-Williams paint to paint these ponies. I worked out of the back of my car. It took me two weeks & I got paid $400 plus all I could eat from the grab joints
Tags: merry-go-round jenny ponies painted

this is bootsie . he is about 4 weeks old
Tags: cats

A song that was at Number one on Bournemouth's hope fm for 6 weeks as voted for by the listeners
Tags: Julian Downward summer rain christian