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I was stopped at a gas station when I spotted this beautiful female Black Widow. I took out my camera and started snapping shots. She ran at me a few times, even got her web on my camera! lol She
Tags: spider black widdow

A female black widow I had an adventure with this one! Euuuuue
Tags: spider black widow


for several years and it appears that they are raising their first batch of offspring this year in this old ghost gum (Widow Maker)that is on private property
Tags: http://www.birdsinbackyards.net/finder/display.cfm

oil on canvas board 9x12
Tags: love/hate/skull/black

Found this "young lady" on my porch!!! Taking pho
Tags: Black Widow Spider

Laptop black widow
Tags: laptop

The mistress of many an American male and the bane of his "weekend widow
Tags: Weije fishing weekend widows tackle and bait

A-Twist-of-the-Whip-for-a-Vainglorious-Slip-of-a-Will-o-the-Wisp April is a smiling widow, gaudily attired. She dances delicately own gaily-scented breezes, blithe, lithe, and alive. The World
Tags: art poetry depression sarah Burk mental illnes

The fishermen know that the sea is dangerous and t
open into an all but toothless smile, a smile so warm it could have banished the frost from the panes. But the widow Radcliffe quickly chased that smile into the shadows as she demurred and turned her
Tags: sea ocean underwater biogenesis symbiosis mer

Based on a true story. (889 words)
a particular passion. His wife, Frankie, had gotten used to being a hunting widow. It was ok with her. At least the season was shorter than football, and didnt come into the living room. A year earlier
Tags: chukkarsageOregonhuntingKmart

Featured in the PJ Woodside film, "Widow
Tags: sexstone music rock alternative acoustic

"Widow" a PJ Woodside Film BigBitingPigProductions.com "Where" is featured in the film
Tags: sexstone music rock alternative acoustic PJ Woodside Widow big biting pig productions

A book I wrote about a young wallaby and it's moth
, but not as toxic, called the black widow. The noise I am making is me plucking the strings of my web to soothe my egg sack which has thousands of my babies in it. So, said Wallace, are you a reptile
Tags: Childrens book picture book educational

Two of six tattoos. My mom calls me "the black widow".(Also a picture in my portfolio
Tags: black widow spider red

of a Black Widow
Tags: dark widow witch evil woman gold dust diamonds cemetery cemeteries dead death murder suicide widower

My Resume
Theophile Man of La Mancha The Barber Encore Opera Company Orlando, Florida The Merry Widow Mr. Nish Camerata Chorus of Orlando Orlando, Florida Chorus: Il Trovatore, The Barber of Seville, Romeo
Tags: My Resume

Tags: trees

, the rich man, the homeless man, The widow, the orphan, the mother, the pregnant teen, The student, the teacher, the one with pain, the one with cancer, The stealer, the murderer, the mentally retarded
Tags: people human race depression suicide thoughts