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Tags: red winged blackbird nature

Tags: Angel wings

Shirt design for the goth-pop-metal band Evanescen
Tags: shirt design goth metal girl

Self-portrait. Digitally enhanced photography.
Tags: Digitally enhanced photography

Fifteen years of time spent with each other and wo
Tags: red tailed hawk bird winged love

ACEO in oil, 2.5" x 3.5"
Tags: equine fantasy horse pegasus wings

Even the smallest of glimpses in Nature are of bea
Tags: wildlife bird water nature landscape flight

A seagull giving a demo of winged flight-Weije
Tags: Weije photography flight seagulls

original acrylic painting on 5"x6" wood block. [so
Tags: little fly winged dragon angel by ashleigh fedo

original acrylic on 5"x6" wood block.
Tags: winged angel lion by ashleigh fedo

Asraiya at Iris Modeling & Photography by Rob Dunbar, MUA by Winged Designs
Tags: Iris

A beautiful Monarch Butterfly
Tags: butterfly wildlife

I've got several dragonfly shots. You have to be p
Tags: dragonfly bug wings winged bugs insects

crimson winged parrots in my mother's garden
Tags: parrots

Jim Colyer covers the basics of astronomy.
. There are Andromeda's parents, Cepheus and Cassiopeia, and the monster, Cetus. Pegasus is there, the winged horse ridden by Perseus. Perseus holds the head of Medusa, represented by variable star Algol
Tags: Jim Colyer astronomy moon solar system sun pl

Jim Colyer takes his son to our nation's capital.
decayed but still exude the aura of mystery intrinsic to that civilization. Winged bulls from Mesopotamia are displayed in the same room, carved into slabs of stone. The bulls and the statue from Easter
Tags: Jim Colyer Washington D.C. White House

The lace winged bug looks so delicate perched on the petal of an apple blossom
Tags: bug wings lace flower blossom spring nature

Dragonfly on the dead stalk of a Tiger Lily.
Tags: dragonfly insect bug critter wings winged nature

Taken in a parking lot.
Tags: luna moth critter insect bug winged nature

Taken on my sunflowers.
Tags: butterfly yellow swallowtail critter insect bug winged sunflower nature flower floral fauna flora