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Nitemare's of kids in the home~
Keeper wish all of you a good kids fright...till 6pm...when I should be back....LOL...until then...I must go chase them...I just got hit by a squrit gun again
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A poem I wrote
And be in the sun To run from my problems never to look back The days are long now As the nights are I wish for friendship Anyone to listen but no one is home Is it just me or am I alone Sheryl M Staley
Tags: S.Staley

Short story on life in a humorous way...this was w
It was a nitmare at Sheri's and all down the street...the wind was blowing...the rain was sleet...and that pretty white stuff that Mark calls snow...just keep coming down...OH I wish it would go
Tags: Sheryl Staley

Poem of voices some people hear when they have a m
142880.txtTalking in my head.....The screams,the screams,the talking in my head telling me to do bad this I dread!!!I wish for them to stop but why,oh why won't they,I feel like my head is going
Tags: S.Staley

just thoughts..short writing poem
the same way growing up. I wish at times they were still around to talk with & find out... Times have changed makes me wonder about my grandchildren and how they will be brought up..Hmmm.. May we all
Tags: S.Staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
to talk while a speaker is delivering a speech or lecture, he is communicating that he does not wish to listen, and would rather be elsewhere. The following example deals with standard and predictable
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

Make a wish with all your might... it will come true
Tags: make a wish macro

Its a lovesong without words. Old Recording
Tags: Acoustic Wings Wish Sullen Quiet Love Lovesong

A sketch I wrote about those times we wish we could replace ourselves with someone else, namely a geek. Part 2
Tags: laughgeekdorkfunnybriantitusproject2improv

modeling is 1 of my best talent how i wish i could be part of this industry

I wish it had gone a bit smoother, but everything hit
Tags: cheer cheerleading acro acrobatics stunts par

Don't save a word you'll wish you should've said, the time to speak is now. copyright 2007
Tags: song don't be shy

8 31:45 (No name yet) ~33 (I don't know, have to check that in My soundgarden) 33:33 (no name) 34:25 (no name) 34:35 Clarissa 36:25 Django Reinhardt 37:00 James I wish You a good time
Tags: Zachary Handcrafted Guitars

Sometimes I wish I could just fall into the sky
Tags: best awesome artwork painting digital dream

I was experimenting with pen and ink, influenced b
Tags: pen and ink wish washes

Poetry, stories, articles, music, photos and a philosophy of practical spirituality. Wish Only Well is WOW, a new sign and message of hope for the third millennium
Tags: poetry stories creative writing music articles

dont you wish you can bye one @ bestbuy
Tags: pcoven

Tags: Broadway


A potrait of my daughter when she was 4. Wish I'd known about fixing spray at this point as some of the finer detail has smudged. I'll get around to restoring it at some point
Tags: Pencil sketch daughter girl potrait