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What I do when I'm lonely
I'm so lonely I cry... I try to smile and laugh out loud But I'm crushed and feeling so lonely Each day I wonder what will become of me For I'm so very lonely I know I'm cared about and loved
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A poem on Anxiety
will stop, I do not know..My mind is jumbled like the balls in the Bingo cage,all scrambled just like eggs..I can not think,I can not cry..I want to I wonder why?Then things go down again my calmness
Tags: S.Staley

The power of depression can cause alot of problems
143122.txtLonely DaysEach days I wonder what will become of me..I am so lonely I cry..For I know I'm loved & cared about ,but on the inside I want to die.I try to smile & laugh out loud,but I'm
Tags: S.Staley

My Street
Tags: S.Staley

This is my cover of the Kellie Pickler song. Let
Tags: Tina Rose I Wonder Canada

just thoughts..short writing poem
My Teens~ My teenagers are loud,they play their music each day... I wonder how they hear... They want to drive the car,money to take,this & that all day... Were we like this when we were young? I
Tags: S.Staley

A poem
Butterfly.... A butterfly has such a change of life, each & everyone... No one really thinks of this either..I wonder why? You see this beautiful bug flying thru the air yet never think of how
Tags: S.Staley

Because she don't know where he's been 2. I see a man in a business suit running to place his last bet He kinda reminds me of rat in a cage I wonder if he knows that yet CH
Tags: Acoustic; Rock

just a small writing of thoughts
174167.txtIn my eye....In my eyes I see a better me or do I??I always wonder...if I turn my back while I was looking in the mirrordoes it make a face at me?I'll never know cuz I try to catch
Tags: S.Staley

a Metamorphosis the Lover mythical wonder breaking the mundane into its true Highest Being I am Zamolxes the Dacian the barbarian princess kneeling a foreign king I am the Soul of my
Tags: poetry poem romance writer reincarnation free

I wonder where the blood is coming from
Tags: blood trail horror bath room

Ever wonder what you get when you cross a guitar with an avocado? I wonder about these things - This is what it would look like in my opinion. I started off making it much more abstract but while
Tags: Digital Painting Espacelaurent Limited Edition

Just another simple photo
Tags: people

Tags: Pastel on Recycled paper

The one and only Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Taken De
Tags: Sunset Angkor Wat Cambodia Travel Wonder World Golden

I can be whomever you wish me to be
Tags: chararacter representation..wonder woman

Tongue in cheek character Impersonation
Tags: Wonder Woman

Off My Legacy Continue Project
Tags: raywonder stevie wonder ray charles mario chrisbrow jahiem anthony hamilton