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Song about the "Twin Towers".
Tags: Jazz/Pop/World Beat

stencil i did,i know in the stencil world its been beat to death but since im a huge fan of the movie i had to do
Tags: stencilpainting

with an Asian girl, but the Asian guys they all got violent. They were trying to beat me up bad. That's when I was best friends with Ty. But I will keep on trying. The Asian women in New York
Tags: reh dogg love asians

of profanity, but I try to use it in such a way that it is not accentuated. You may want to put the volume up just a little bit to hear my vocals better. Lyrics: Well, there’s a rhyming beat
Tags: a lynching acoustic rock solo vocals singing

Fusion music at Avalon
Tags: Africanhot enerydanceworld beatUnique

mixed media blend/visual turntablism This is another instant classic of a remix by DJ Product. The hit trk from the CDB, Devil Went Down To Georgia seamlessly blended a monster beat off
Tags: hip hop turntablism blends underground remix

African dance and drumming at the World Beat center in San Diego califiorn
Tags: African series

Done from the World Beat center in San Diego California with Egyptian symbols surrounding the images
Tags: african series

More images of the African dance with drumming at World Beat Center
Tags: african series

of the Internatioonal Graffiti Art Competition -- and a beat-driven soundtrack. Bryan's ffilm explores graffiti as a way for the urban community to express what's going on in their world and also
Tags: Documentary Spray Can Art Filmmaker Art Aeroso

A story about a man who finds himself contesting w
by a patch of grey sky, reminiscent of the painters bowl. The memory was sharp, and seemed to prick him right in the small of his back, and he jerked up, both eyes open. Old, beat-brick walls faced
Tags: Coma maze labyrinth puzzle

it is a poem
Feel the Drums Feel the drum beat The ground under your feet. Fight the fear that creeps Into the soul it seeps. Bring the brave To fight for people to save Live the breath of the young Who never
Tags: drums poetry life

Did you ever think about getting back together wit
helped many people, in a similar situation, throughout the world to resolve their relationship problems successfully. If you have recently broken up with your boyfriend but after some time you have
Tags: advice relationshipsafter a break upbreak upbre

Since the outbreak was first detected, an increasi
fifty to a hundred million people worldwide and devastated the post-World War I generation. The CDC has stepped up its alert levels and some governments have instituted quarantine procedures, but still
Tags: and swine flu h5n1 of swine flu swine flu swin

This is a short story of a point in my life. I hop
done that was so wrong? Watching them beat each other? Watching as they drank the poison that ran in their veins? Or contemplating taking my own life? Had I been so influenced, that I was renanacting
Tags: SCREAMS_http://www.myspace.com/samanthadenisepasca

The story of a young boy's coming-of-age
brother. J.D. cussed everything, the wind, the world and the weather. Mostly though, he seemed to be cussing me. I was hungry, but there was nothing on the stove. I sucked my teeth and opened
Tags: Short Story

about the good and bad times in a young womans lif
broken world back together for you. Andy can do it, even though he's still an adolescent idiot at heart. Andy was a friend of Mindy's and they had not known each other long but he stood by her more
Tags: this book is a work in progress

I've been writing now since I was a very young
The Who Why When & Where Who sees all those beautiful children, Playing in the street? Who gives them a hot plate of food, When theyre hungry and theyre beat? Why is there so much
Tags: Lonely Children RebeccaJeanine71 The who why whe

This is a story i wrote its pretty much based on m
and turned my radio on so it would drown out the outside world. It was finally Monday and i got to tell everybodyi dont have my phone. The week went bye with the teachers trying to cram in everything before
Tags: I love you hate you

This one is a "f**k the world" track. This is kinda my main style, just calling all the bullshit around me. The Don Spinelli made the beat and also features
Tags: consious hip-hop rock political revolutionary