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Poem on how I am unique & more then just one kind
154058.txtI am more then one.....To Whom it may concern:I am more then just one...I am unique..I can take photos,write poems & short stories,or sing if that is my true calling to be..I can do
Tags: S.Staley

and the things you do I wrote this song for you For you I know it is simple but it was I meant to write it that way
Tags: Acoustic; Rock; Double D's

Poem on Spring
Spring is Here..... Spring is in the air.. Time for good cheer... Flowers are blooming,the birds are chirping We write to Mr. Winter how we are breaking up with him.. as we are going
Tags: S.Staley

Copy of paper for college speech and communication
of calming the class and checking the roll. She never had complete control of the room. Each time she turned her back to write on the blackboard, one of the boys would throw spit-wad, which
Tags: teacher black white high school bussing

1000 an hour i an write lyrics for you I never clamed to be a singer
Tags: zone out

I wrote this a year ago and decided to try to write a musical with it.. musical never got written though... tell me what you think
Tags: Lyrics

My friend Dillon and I host, write, and produce and on-line show. I do an interview in this episode with a PC Magazine editor. Let me know what you think
Tags: Wii nintendo chat

Had these in my head while I was sleeping and woke up to write them down
Tags: acoustic

A trailer for a web-based dramedy I was in called 'group- the series'. The producers take a bunch of improv comics, allows them to write a character, and then throws them in a group therapy session
Tags: grouptherapycrazynutsbriantituslaughcryweb

I wanted to write a high energy fast paced music. I think i got what i wanted
Tags: Techno Aura

I have decided very recently that I needed to foll
Tags: writing screenwriting poetry scripts teleplays

I wanted to write a high energy fast paced music. I think i got what i wanted
Tags: Aura Techno Hyper

at the moment,and another musician friend of mine by the name of Hernan who is from Argentina, asked me if I would like to write a story about it and record it with him. I had no hesitation. Hernan
Tags: Fields of war soldiers scrambled eggs

I write my lifes' story on this here guitar. My mishaps and triumphs, my love life and lack there of. This guitar is my escape, is my way to cope. The life of a desperado has no time for friends
Tags: Desperaod Cowboy Love Steal Guitar Music Old

Original Song, band is Miles Underfoot. We have many tunes created over 20 years. We basically write as a hobby
Tags: Miles Underfoot Original Music

I made this song 4-5 years ago. still, i didnt write any lyrics on it hehe
Tags: grunge acoustic

i sing and play piano i write my own songs
Tags: Country

yeah im a good rapper i write my own songs and music is just my thing i performed and did shows also
Tags: WAts Good!!!

I visted a site I used to write music for and i felt bad i havent posted in a while so i wrote this quick :-P
Tags: Rock .hack Infection Mac Anu Aura

A piece called "Fracture" by Nick and Gerald (http://www.garageband.com/song?|pe1|S8LTM0LdsaSjYle3Y2g) inspired me to write this piece. Believe it or not, there's only a single classical guitar
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig