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Nitemare's of kids in the home~
the kitchen...the sound of loud mouths fill my home...hee,hee,hee...I hear " you kicked me"..."I did not!!" Stop IT!!! I'm telling MOM!! So I'm telling Bill!! Your in trouble!....Bill's going to yell
Tags: Sheryl Staley

A Poem
Sneeking by Sheryl M Staley Sneeking in closets hiding behind a tree for your love I seek we must keep it secret from all to see for if we are found out our love will die so we sneek through life
Tags: S.Staley

I'm pretty sure this is from the wasp family. I found it in my wood pile, pretty sure it's laying eggs. If you know different, please let me know
Tags: yikes Macro wasp family

I decided to play around with an anime render I found by tweaking the colors and adding my own style! Let me know What you think! Allen, this is for you
Tags: girl vector abstract design

of that melody made its way into this piece...so for now, digital composition, YOU get a turn at taking center stage. This is my second attempt at purely digital ambient music. It's just me, the computer
Tags: acoustic guitar solo instrumental newage orig

for tips on on the street at the time, but he used to play with the Foundations back in the 60's ("Baby, Now That You Found ME", and "Fill Me Up, Buttercup"). He said that he'd also jammed
Tags: oil painting portrait figure study

it to And laying here we think of all the things we've done I believe that I have found myself the one We stay outside Under the stars at night You embrace me I start flying I find my own world
Tags: Under Stars Rosa Anna Mahoney RosaxAnna

, even some of the streets are still the original cobblestones that our forefathers walked. I always found history fascinating; old civil war photographs still give me goose bumps. The creative juices
Tags: Philadelphia Philadelphia artist Artist Painte

The face is mine and the other parts I found from images of google. The very background is a photoshop brush by annikavonholdt.com her brushes are really good. Let me know what you think
Tags: art woman peace photoshop

Once in a lifetime I really love this crowd I found But I got to go...BRRRRUP, see now I got to go see... Princess, I'll always want to know where you gonna take me
Tags: alternative TO THINK OF folk indi

, You're got the map of my life So show me where I need to go! 'Cause you know which path leads me on To where You're wanting me to be! Verse 2: Can You take me to the place? To the place where
Tags: Map Life Jesus Christian God Christ guide

to her. I never knew her, but I saw on myspace bulletins that she was doing good, but when I found out she was taken off of life support later, (though I never knew her) it touched me, so I dedicated
Tags: Erin Michelle Page inspiration full band

I could sing so good... of course I've also been told that they didn't know I even had a voice. If you know me personally, you know what I mean. I literally don't say a thing out in public... just
Tags: christian light to the of the world God Je

ever found that is unable to hurt me. I guess the message here, is find what you truly love, and use it to get through the world. We're all alone, but it doesn't have to be that way
Tags: Acoustic Guitar

was ready for his photo. I was lucky enough to be in his presence. He was a beautiful animal. Please let me know what you think. I look forward to your critique
Tags: tiger cat roar kitty animal zoo Philadelphia

this is a story i started dont know if its good wa
it easy but thanks you go on without me. They both left the store and waved conner looked back he liked jim bean almost felt bad for him. Conner enjoyed his walks home it on average took twenty
Tags: stories about musicians not finished

A tale of a young mother, mysterious and yet to be
sigh again and pick up Cassie, who hands me a yellow daisy. Thank you sweetie, I said, kissing her small cheek. We turn and head back to our hotel room, while our newly bought house sat proudly
Tags: writing novel house the house chapter 1

A very short story about a young girl who suddenly
are going to go to is the Rib restaurant. YUM! T1: Were studying cells in science class. That rib restaurant reminds me of ribosomes found in cells. I remember that they make protein, like the protein
Tags: abortion short story young author

Just as we all must leave, we must all, at one tim
And threatens to defeat me Since I found that you were gone. Can I let you go and be Instead of clinging on The passed on days of happiness I knew before you were gone? I cannot give up, this much I
Tags: Poem-Gone

Its about a guy named Drevon Mackovich who goes an
. then decided that I would be better apologizing. I grudgingly stomped down the stars to the box filled living room. Gabriel saw me and immediately said Are you done?" Yes I stated, clearly looking irritated
Tags: story twilightish stuff