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A young Blue Jay enjoying the sun
Tags: blue jay bird

Just what's on my mind right now
To Dream... To dream of nights of days gone past.. Of memories that will never last.. To a heart that is young but old... For stories that are never told, The questions come... Questions go... My
Tags: S.Staley

A Children's Bedtime Story I made up & told my children when they were young to help them fall asleep
not get to all the sleepy time lands my young ones that you are going to. Our 1st stop is to toyland to pick out your favorite bedtime toy..of course mine is a rat & tattled teddy bear... But you can
Tags: Sheryl Staley

This young Gold Crowned Sparrow is getting it's fill on the sunflower seeds. The fencing in the background gives an odd effect. ;o
Tags: sparrow feed sunflower dry

It Must be Love... This young male Gold Crowned Sparrow brought his girl a sunflower seed in the middle of a storm... SCORE!!! Taken 1.20.10
Tags: gold crown sparrow love must

Young Gold Crowned Sparrow
Tags: in my yard young gold crowned sparrow

Young Towhee
Tags: young spotted Towhee in my yard nature

An American Goldfinch, (young) and a Common Rose finch 2.16.10
Tags: American Goldfinch Common Rosefinch

just thoughts..short writing poem
My Teens~ My teenagers are loud,they play their music each day... I wonder how they hear... They want to drive the car,money to take,this & that all day... Were we like this when we were young? I
Tags: S.Staley

A poem
do this also..we transform each day..from small babies , children ,young adults, last to adults..the beauty is from within us... We go from crying & not being able to do anything for ourselves
Tags: S.Staley

A single plum blossom from a young tree in my front yard
Tags: plum bloom macro

A young male Black headed Grosebeak
Tags: young black headed grosebeak nature

A young Robin
Tags: young robin nature

a young couple incorporated into the moon with graphics
Tags: photographygraphic designcouplemoon

Calliope young male
Tags: callopie

a young male calliope hummingbird
Tags: calliope hummingbird nature

This guy just popped up, seemingly out of no where
Tags: robin lunch

A mother with her 2 young ones
Tags: Deer in the valley landscape

My Aunt Jacquee spotted the baby, making it our th
Tags: young bald headed eagle nature

Young male American Kestrel, Churchill County, Nevada
Tags: American Kestrel bird nature