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The Star Light

lounge, flower, light, star, old

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This one is extra cool- There used to be this old biker joint out where I grew up. I'm 90% sure that it was called The Star Light Lounge. I remember it being about the size of an average bedroom, maybe smaller, & always lined with Harley-Davidson Motorcycles out front. I never went in & I could never figure out how all these fat, greasy biker fucks could fit in this place. That's actually what I remember most. I'd heard it was notorious for being a Hells Angels hangout as well. I asked myself, "Who are they & where do Heaven's Devils go?" but I never got an answer. That place is long gone & the property where it was is now some fag driving-range. Sonny Barger would piss on it, I guess, if he cared. Ha ha. Anyway, this from some other place that used to be a shit hole. What a nice little story. If you look closely you can spot the spiderweb. Cool picture. The Star Light.




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Date: 3/12/09
Photography: General