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This is a song I wrote inspired by a chat room I talk in a lot on myspace. The room is called "Christianity." There's always people in that room that are trying to claim that they know Christianity is a hoax! They back it up with the fact that history and science don't record of a Jesus that lived! Well I have news for you all, IT'S NOT A HOAX OR A FRAUD!!!!!!! I know by personal experience (not making this up) that there's something about Christianity and the bible that is sooo alive! People just don't understand!

Anyway, I say the chorus of this song a lot in the chat room. "I'm proof that God is real." That's 2 meanings: One, I've been born into the world and I'm alive today still and that proves God, and two, I know by a personal experience that God is real, and that proves to me God is real!

Also according to the time I posted this note, I actually wrote and recorded this ALL today! I had the chorus in mind for a day or two maybe, but that's all. Besides that, I wrote this song all in one morning! I am all the vocals (lead and bg) and I played all guitars. God has truly blessed me with a talent and I will use it to praise Him and spread the good news! I'll play my role in the body of Christ!

-Ben Mullins

Verse 1:
People always want proof
That Jesus Christ exists.
Lookin’ for hist'ry and facts
To prove the bible is a fraud.
But they’re missing one thing...

I’m proof that my God is real.
He’s real as the wind that you can feel.
He moves me,
And He can turn you around.

Verse 2:
How do I know that He’s real?
Even though I can’t see Him.
It’s just a personal experience.
You’ll never truly know.
Until you try it yourself... (WOO)

-Let me know how this sounds and if your Christian, let me know if it makes any sense because I don't want to be singing something with a wrong meaning. :)


3/28/2009 10:31 AM
Great song, and by the way don't change your voice - its part of your charm - Famed!

3/20/2009 7:53 AM
Ok. Thanks, I guess. I'm REALLY new to singing. I've never sang in chorus or at church at all! I've been a band person all my life. I just don't know of anyone else who can sing things for me. :(

3/20/2009 6:22 AM
Okay first, yes, I'm a Christian. I like the song and I do believe you have talent BUT I would get someone else to do vocals. The song is very catchy but the vocals are a big turn off. Nice playing and song writing though!



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Date: 3/13/09
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