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Siren Behind Ya

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No, I'm not oa trouble maker or a fan of trouble making, just a Need 4 Speed nerd. :P That game is so cool! Driving around being chased by the cops! So exciting... not in real life though. :P Ha!

I always had a dream of seeing a song on a Need for Speed game one day and seeing my name written below it (because I wrote it). Like, my name along with Rom di Prisco, Matt Regan, and all the other musicians of the earlier Need for Speed games. The newer games are ok with the underground, driving around a city, street racing, more realistic cop chases, and stories and all... but I still think the classic Need for Speed games are the best... you know like Hot Pursuit, High Stakes, Hot Pursuit 2! Those are golden to me. :)

Anyway, I made a comic when I was in 8th grade inspired by Need 4 Speed called "The Legend of Girl Island" and this song is written for it! As funny as the title of the comic sounds, it's not as girly as you think. It's an island where girls are allowed only (not boys), and me and my friends (that I grew up with in school) get offered 7 million dollars if we could live on the island for 8 years and not get arrested or leave... you see boys aren't allowed. Anyway, we eventually get the money, but this comic is very action packed! It would make a good video game one day and I would love to see this song (with many others) on the music playlist on it. :)

Anyway, that gives you an idea of what the song is about. It starts out quiet. This represents us boys out driving in our cars trying to avoid cops and police chases at all costs! Then when you hear the synth doing somewhat of a siren sound, that represents that we were just SPOTTED by a cop! As the song goes one, she calls for backup and we later have a lot of cops on our tail!! FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!!!! WOO!!! Then as it quiets down with the melody you hear at the beginning again, that represents that we seem to be winning this chase. But then, THERE'S AN AMBUSH as the music gets it's loudest!!! You know, like too many cops for us to handle, big SUV hard hitter cruisers, helicopters, spike belts, road blocks... you name it! Then at the end, I guess we lose them finally. :)

Ha! Call me wierd for have a huge imagination, but this song is meant to be exciting and I just told a story to make it more exciting. :P





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Date: 3/13/09
Music: Electronica