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The Map of My Life

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I don't know how well this song will do getting fame because the vocals may not be so great, but I'm trying... and getting better as time goes on.

I wrote this song after a Third Day concert in Johnson City. It was inspired by their song, Revelation. I can't remember if I put this in my profile info, but for a while I've felt like God was calling me to be a Christian singer. Well, this song is me asking God where He wants me to go with my life and what roads and routes to take. And though He may tell me to take one road, I may tke another. I will later find my self lost, but I will have to ask God to help e get back on track! This metaphor is pretty neat I thought of it one day and thought it sounded pretty cool, so I wrote it down. :P

If you're a Christian reading this, please pray for me! I know this song may not be sooo good, but if God really wants me to do this, He'll make a way for it to happen! If there's a road blocked off where He wants me to go, He'll either clear up the block or find another way there. :)

Verse 1:
It's a long and winding road
And there's so many ways to go!
I'm am lost without Your guide
So show me where to go! ('cause...)

Lord, You're got the map of my life
So show me where I need to go!
'Cause you know which path leads me on
To where You're wanting me to be!

Verse 2:
Can You take me to the place?
To the place where I need to be!
I am lost without Your help!

I've come to a fork in the road
And I don't know which way to go!
Lord, let me follow Your lead
To the place You're wanting me to be!

Show me the way!
Lord, reveal Yourself to me!

All vocals, guitars, and certain brass by Ben Mullins. :)

Here's a comment from acidplanet.com... I'm starting to think maybe I should just stick with acidplanet... because everything I get on this site is either just a view. If there's a vote, it's a negative! Why no comments? :) I'd like to know what makes my music sound bad and if there's anything I could do to make it better. Anyway, here's the comment:

"the panned out doubled vocals are the way to go for you, like you treated them, the one voice by itself just isn’t powerful enough, but the contrast is nice. you gotta sing with glory and spirit! The song is excellent, well crafted, arranged and produced. nice string work too. the more controlled air you can force through the better you'll sound, have you found your "head voice" yet? what's the range like?”




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Date: 3/14/09
Music: Rock