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Quest Part IV - Battle of the Brave

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With Maugris' Army still so close that our travellers can hear the barking dogs and the voices of their ogrish masters, Tro'il, a brave but foolish hero makes a perilous decision. He leads the band of travellers toward the edge of the forest in an attempt to avoid the army. Moving quickly around the perimeter of the forest, they get closer and closer to Skelemden Castle, then disaster strikes. They are spotted.

Maugris' Army capture our brave band of men and march them towards a dungeon, just outside the walls of the castle. The door clangs shut and, as the army march away from the sealed dungeon, our unfortunate heroes appear doomed. But Tro'il has managed to avoid capture by fleeing into the wood, and so, feeling responsible for the plight of his friends, he devises an escape plan.

Our travellers from the inside, and Tro'il from the outside, tap and loosen the bars on the dungeon window, until there is just enough room to squeeze through. Escape at last! Scurrying away, battered and bruised, our heroes take shelter in the forest to rethink their plan......


3/13/2010 3:34 PM Premium
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Date: 3/17/09
Music: Electronica