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The Extraordinary League of Christianity

Christian, super, hero, comic, Jesus

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Comic I started known as "The Extraordinary League of Christianity," or the E.L.C.

It's a Christian comic (and the only comic with a real true meaning) about 3 super heroes who save the world not only from bad guys and such, but from the Devil's tricks and the wrath of God. They are a big league of Christian witnesses. Pretty neat way for me to witness to people who don't know Christ or who are lost. :)

The middle one is "Super-Christian," or Joel Jameson. The one at the left is "Gastro-Man," or Cory Dawson. And the female is "Eve," or "Plant-Lady" who is known as Mary Eve Regolski. Each of these guys have a special power that distinguishes them from each other, but they are each in the same league with the same goal. Kinda like the body of Christ. Each of us Christians have different talents and gifts and we are all each called to do something different, but we each have the same goal. :)

These heros are the light unto the world. Notice how they "shine" above the city. The city was a bit hard to draw because it was more detailed, but I finally finished it! :) I hope it looks ok.




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Votes: 8
Views: 1,645
Date: 3/18/09
Art: Drawing