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Called to Be The Light

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Before you listen, I've been told that my vocals arent's so great... meaning the music is ok and lyrics might be neat, but the singing voice... not so much. I've also been told that they didn't know I could sing so good... of course I've also been told that they didn't know I even had a voice. If you know me personally, you know what I mean. I literally don't say a thing out in public... just a few words usually. So if these vocals aren't so great, there good for the person I am. At least I'm actually using the voice God gave me. I hate my voice... it's so low and quiet, but God gave it to me for a reason. :) And I'm getting better as time goes on with the singing... I'll continue to practice and get it better.

Now about the song:
I wrote this song almost exactly 1 month before I wrote "Proof." I wrote this song for a character of my comic called The Extraordinary League of Christianity. Her name is Mary Eve Regolski. She's VERY clumsy and "blonde" if that's a way to describe her. She and Gastro-man are who make the comic funny. :P

Anyway, her name as a super hero is Eve and her powers are control of plant life and nature (by God) and restore one's health and healing (NOT laying on hands though) (by God also).

Anyway, here’s where the song takes place. When Mary was just a small little girl around the age of 2 or 3, her Scientist Father let her watch him do an experiment on plant activity when she accidentally got into the operation! This gave her the power to control plants! Well, as she grew up in school, she was made fun of because of her weird power and the fact she was about the only Christian in her classes. The other kids would push her, make fun of her and her religion, ignore her, leave her out of games, and so so much more! Well, this made it sooo much harder to be a Christian for her. If she only pretended to not be a Christian, people would probably respecter her more. Well when she gets about high school, she starts laying out of church because the kids (who are more grown) still continue to bug her! After a while out of church (like a year or 2), she feels guilty about leaving church for a while, so she starts looking for another church to go to. She finds the "Christian Church" (I have chosen to not put the denomination because denominations were not by God... I'm a Christian, not a Baptist). Well at the church, she expects to not say hi to anyone and just be there to sing and listen, then leave, but Joel Jameson sees that She's by herself. So, he sits beside her and starts a conversation with her. Thanks to Joel, she's now a strong Christian and not ashamed. They later found out they both had powers and made the team, The Extraordinary League of Christianity!

What's nea is not too long after I wrote this, I actually experienced what she went through in a chat room on myspace. It's ironic, but it's kinda hard to be a Christian in a Christianity chat room. :P

P.S. - I think the little "folk/country-like" guitar part I wrote with this song sounds great on the Esteban guitar I have. B)

Verse 1:
She feels all alone.
The other kids in her class make fun of what she believes.
She’s a Christian, but now she’s thinkin’
That the path that she chose is just too hard.

And she says, “Maybe everybody’s right.”
But I say, “Please remember God is by your side.” (And…)

That’s just what this world does.
It’ll make you feel like you’re who’s wrong
When in fact, You’re what makes this world bright.
Called to be the light. You’re called to be the light to the world.

Verse 2:
She struggles to keep her faith
As the kids continue to leave her out of all of their games,
‘Cause she’s a Christian, and she’s still thinkin’
That the path that she chose is still too hard.

And she says, “I just need someone to care!”
And I say, “Know that will always be right there.”
(And He’ll say…)

This world will hurt you, tease you, and curse you.
But your gift is much more greater than they know.
You’re called to witness to those who tease you.
Show them forgiveness and lead them to Jesus.

Last Chorus:
That’s just what this world does.
It’ll make you feel like you’re who’s wrong
When in fact, You’re what makes this world bright.
Called to be the light.
You're called to share the light.
You’re called to show the light to the world.


3/26/2009 4:19 PM
Great lyrics, wonderful song: Famed!



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Date: 3/21/09
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