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Rocket Race

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Also another song (like Rocket-X Theme) I wrote for my comic Rocket-X. This is also (like Rocket-X Theme) a song I first wrote on my PS2 as a sophomore and rewrote it on the computer as a senior. I actually wrote it for another comic of mine called "The Legend of Girl Island," which has a lot of police chases in it. Then, this song was called "Road Rocket" and it was one I hoped to see on a Need for Speed video game sountrack some day... along side with Rom di Priso's Road Warrior, Liquid Plasma, and all his other songs. :)

This song is actually one of the first melodies I wrote. Very simple! I also have a big love for chords!!!!! You may tell that at 1:50. I absolutely love how many seperate notes form together can make a harmony! Then after that section at 2:15 when it goes up a half key, that makes me feel like I'm flying... ha... idk, but I hope this song is ok.




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Views: 1,920
Date: 3/24/09
Music: Electronica