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Pop Art Journey

Pop Art, Hell's Kitchen, Productions hypnotic, Graphic Design, Photograohy

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A collage of photographs I took in approximately 2003 or 2004 in my neighborhood, which is Midtown Manhattan, otherwise known as "Hell's Kitchen", the residential area near Times Square and the Theater district. The photocollage was treated with various Photoshop crossblending techniques and handdrawn enhancements, such as the multicoloured flames coming out of the sidewalk, that spell out "Hell's Kitchen", the "Take A Walk On The Wild Side" arrow pointing the weary wanderer into the right direction, and , not to forget, the eerie, surreal, dragonlady demonic face on the advertisement billboards up top. Note, that the actual people in this composition are all shown as mere silhouettes, whereas the only full frontal aspects of the human image are the oversized strange billboard models overhead.


12/19/2009 8:07 AM Premium
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Date: 3/24/09
Art: Graphic Design