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Zack and Penny

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This is a song I wrote for a comic of mine called Rocket-X. See my other song "Rocket-X Theme Song" for more information on the comic.

This is a love song I wrote for 2 characters on Rocket-X. The main character, Zack Lectic, and a sweet girl named Penny Patricia Robinson. Penny has this cute secret crush (or attraction) towards Zack. So, it's kind of like a song describing a love attraction off from a distance. Pretty neat.

I've noticed that in movie soundtracks (like the Incredibles, Zorro, or Narnia), each song has the same theme (or resembles parts of it)in each song. There are some songs in The Incredibles that have the fast heroic melody, and then there's other songs on the same soundtrack that have the same melody in softer feeling. The beginning of this has one section from the rocket-x theme. One thing I've always wanted to do was write music for a movie one day. :)




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Date: 3/28/09
Music: Other