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Blubber Bounce (Dex)

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I wrote this song for Rocket-X (see my Rocket-X Theme Song for more about it).

This specific song I wrote for a character known as Dexter Wheezem, or Dex. He's the brightness of the comic of Rocket-X. He's fat (describing this song), very clumsy, and is just funny to read in the comic! He's the main character's (Zack Lectic's) best friend since school, and now works with Zack as a rocket racer. :) He falls in love with a dark evil racer known as Violet o' Donnell, but that has nothing to do with this song. :)

This song would get the award of being my longest song I believe! It's 8 minutes and 17 seconds! :) So imagine a fat guy during this song, because it describes a fat, clumsy, goofy guy that loves to eat... who is also a rocket racer! :)




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Views: 1,841
Date: 3/28/09
Music: Electronica