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Modifications (Boomer)

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This song is also a song written for a character on my rocket-X comic! (see the Rocket-X Theme for more about it) The character's name is Tommy Boomer. He goes by "Boomer," or Boomerang. He's always trying to make modifactions to his rocket to make it race better, but he always makes it worse. It either blows up during the race or doesn't go as fast as he wanted it to. I'm beginning to feel like this song applies to this as well. I keep adding and adding to this song to make it better, but I may have just made a mess. :P

Tommy Boomer is a mechanic who designed the main character and his friend's rockets, Zack Lectic and Dexter Wheezem. The rockets are Rocket-X (Zack's rocket and the name of the comic) and Rocket-V (for Dex). :)

And I also don't know why, but some sections of this song remind me of cruising though the streets of Los Angelas. Ha! I'm probably stupid though. :P




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Date: 3/29/09
Music: Electronica